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What exactly is Bohemian-inspired ethnic fashion?

The ethnicity

   To better understand ethnic fashion, we need to know concretely what the term "ethnicity" means. This notion is linked to a culture, a know-how shared by a community. More specifically, it is a term that defines a small entity formed by a group of people. These individuals will share together values around a socio-cultural heritage such as language, a belief in certain traditions. Ethnicity is a feeling of sharing common inspirations.

The specificities of each community

   The climate, the geographical area can influence ethnic fashion. We often find in hot places piercings, scarifications or acts on the naked body. While in remote corners of China or in the colder regions, one finds rather ethnic clothes and accessories that keep warm. The question of survival is also crucial in the development of clothing and accessories. That's why you'll find armbands in India and all over South Asia.

The example of ethnic fashion: Thailand

   Thai women in their traditional outfits are distinguished from each other by their clothing. The Hmong women are located in northern Vietnam but also in Thailand, with their brightly colored costumes with scrupulously worked patterns. The famous Hmong outfit consists of a blouse jacket with long sleeves, a pleated skirt embellished with batik patterns, an embroidered belt and a traditional hat called "turban". The Yao outfit is easily recognizable with a black turban and a dark-colored garment, pants and a long dress with a belt.

Ethnic fashion itself

   One often wonders what is ethnic fashion. We always put this idea of ​​dress composed a little of everything. Nevertheless, ethnic fashion goes beyond that: it is the story of a people, a life that is codified from clothing and accessories. It finds its true origins in the ways of life, the techniques, the customs of everyone, a people and their traditions. It is therefore a set of identical code and common to a group or a community. And when we talk about fashion, we can say that ethnic fashion includes criteria defining a style of clothing: the material, the colors, the shapes, the cuts, etc. Take the example of Gothic fashion where black, leather predominate. It can therefore be said that ethnic fashion includes clothing characteristics related to a geographical, sociological and historical environment. If everyone is free to have a definition of ethnic fashion, the key is to keep the meaning. It is not nothing if ethnic fashion is called "sustainable" because it is inspired by the fair trade model. It is concerned with social and environmental issues and is committed to creating an alternative fashion in its production process.

The ethnic clothes of bohemian inspiration

   Ethnic fashion has become a marketing tool nowadays to promote Ethnic-inspired clothing as well as Hippie Chic, Bohemian, Baba Cool, Boho, Romantic, Tribal, Original Look and much more. A source of inspiration constantly renewed on the originality of the ready-to-wear and its accessories. Very trendy, they invade our wardrobes, wear gloriously in all seasons, provided we are able to make good assemblies! Major brands often equate this fashion with bright colors and colorful. Making the happiness of the big and the small, they are carried easily. Indeed, ethnic clothing is characterized by an ethnic group. This mode has an identical code that is hers: an acronym, marks, drawings or patterns that will speak about their language. Some will reflect this language from clothing. And this is what we will discuss in the next section.

Wearing ethnic clothes, an art

Opting for Ethnic Outfits

   You can choose to wear ethnic clothing in its entirety: from head to toe, or mixing it with others. Since there is as much style as ethnicity, clothing can vary with culture, language. For example, Asian ethnic groups recognize the wearing of certain clothes, black, red or floral hmongs.

  • The harem pants

  • When talking about wearing ethnic outfits, it is impossible to dismiss the sarouel. We can even say that it is one of the forerunners in this area. Available on the market, new models are added to the classic styles. Indeed, the harem pants is an ethnic garment of Persian origin, greatly appreciated by both women and men. Its comfortable side and wide design provide a look that is both traditional and classy. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to have the color and cut that you prefer. If you have an appointment with friends for a party or if you go to work in a relaxed atmosphere, choose a harem pants urban and trendy.
  • Basics for dressing with ethnic clothes

  • To wear ethnic clothing, there is a minimum of rules to follow at the risk of going for ridicule. To put forward his ethnic clothes, do not fall into overdose. For example, you can wear a Mexican combo with a poncho with patterns.
  • Ethnic dress for your holidays

  • For a flawless ethnic style, it's useless to mix the influences of the whole universe. The idea is to wear a simple piece with a touch: put a high print with Mexican patterns with jeans. In any case, too traditional clothes are reserved for special occasions. No need to wear a kimono and exaggerate with your talc if you go to work. You can also bet on small jewelry horn or bone, a beaded cuff or a wooden necklace to complete your outfit of the day. For more subtlety, dress in some coloramas that evoke the escape: earth tones such as ocher, saffron, desert. Perfect to go along these summer days
  • Ethnic dress at work

  • You can also adopt an exotic look without being labeled: choose the pieces that hold like jackets, straight pants, wrap dresses, not tunics. The right balance is to wear an ethnic piece and another that denotes chic. With a sleeveless dress, you can for example wear sophisticated high heels.

The origins of ethnic fashion and the origin of the movement

   Ethnic fashion is a phenomenon from the 80s / 90s, some of which are much further. It is above all avant-garde brands that advance sustainability in fashion by choosing the manufacturing materials in the concern of respect for the environment. It originates from both traditional fashion and modernity. It mixes both ancestral and contemporary style with bold and energetic lines. It's also a mix of international as well as nostalgic inspirations. The creations will be based on African, Asian and Latin models. In many primitive cultures, tribal accessories were objects of recognition, but also adorn the body beautifully. Ethnic jewelry in Asia has been used to conduct rites or to venerate a God or a deity. The most classic are bracelets, necklaces or earrings. This type of accessory will provide a previously defined frame for a ritual.

The main lines of ethnic fashion

Professor Jean Stéphane, teacher at Montreal's École Supérieur de Mode explains the 5 main lines of ethnic fashion :

Fair Trade

  • Ethnic fashion is based on fair trade, because it denotes a certain social conscience. Its purpose is to improve the working conditions of workers and producers in the textile industry.


  • Ethnic fashion cares about its impact on the environment. Since the industry is a polluter element in the world, the ecological mode aims to minimize the impact of carbon dioxide.

The recycling

  • Original ethnic clothing uses the recycling of manufacturing materials and is built from other garments.


  • Ethnic clothing embodies timeless and timeless fashion. A consumer who chooses to buy item type knows he buys a good quality to buy less, so consumes less.

The changes in ethnic fashion nowadays

  • For several years we have been hearing the phenomenon of the ethnic trend everywhere. We often talk about it on the web, and this is a subject that bloggers love and today, there is everything. Many brands put on line a varied ethnic chain, on both sides of the world and in the biggest cities of fashion in Paris, in Milan or in Berlin. But to bring out the ethnic clothes like the harem pants, the boubou or the poncho, it takes more than a piece of fabric, which is more expensive! Today's ethnic dress implies the resumption of shapes, materials, colors and even the cuts of a traditional clothing of an ethnic group. To be sure that one breathes ethnic fashion, one must link its behavior to the ethnic group that one wants to reproduce in question

Adopt the ethnic style

  • Ethnic clothing gives a certain specificity to the outfit. Indeed, their authenticity and quality make them original. While it is somewhat awkward to wear outfits like tribal women, it is possible to adopt the ethnic style by procuring clothing and accessories from artisans or specialized stores. Industrial and craft manufacturing techniques differ according to the products, the choice of materials and the manufacturing processes. That is why it is advisable to opt for ethnic clothing and accessories. In addition, it also gives artisans or small structures a chance to simply work for a decent income, but also to pass on traditional know-how to future generations. It is not enough to wear ethnic clothes to adopt a completely ethnic style. It's also a state of mind: to know where the product comes from, its history. It is also to show acceptance of the traditions and cultures of everyone, to deny any form of non-conformism. To acquire ethnic clothes is to travel, to discover the craftsmen of the world: beautiful silk scarves in Thailand, high-colored textiles in Africa or Asia in India and even in China .. If you want to 'a beautiful colorful pouch embellished with embroidery, Mexico is a specialist.

Today, the ethnic fashion

  • For a long time, we've been hearing about ethnic fashion. Ethnic fashion always fills all pages of magazines and fashion magazines. It is sometimes used for marketing purposes. With more and more creativity, the great fashion designers are inspired by the traditions of the ethnic groups to create the most beautiful clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. Ethnic fashion today is creating the future from the past and distant inspirations.

Chic ethnic clothes for summer

  • To be chic and original dressed in summer, the wearing of chic ethnic clothing is topical. More and more inescapable in the fashion, the clothes of traditional models, inspired by ancestral techniques complete our outfits of every day.

Chic ethnic clothing for women

  • The choice of your ethnic garment will depend on the event you are going to. If you intend to go to a wedding or a party whose outfit is bohemian chic, for example, you must above all choose a suit adapted to the circumstances. You can opt for a rather wide cut, a long dress for example made from flowing fabrics. However, you can choose a short dress with transparent veils. Remember that colors should be light, with pastel shades. By alternating lace, silk and cotton, you will probably be close to success in your ethnic chic outfit!

Ethnic clothing for men

  • To adopt the ethnic look, men will be able to use ethnic shirts and this famous harem pants also dedicated to men. And if that does not suit you, you can always opt for these pants made from hemp or high quality cotton. To complete all, you can enhance your outfit from accessories such as bags, bracelets or watches.

Traditional ethnic clothing, a source of inspiration

In France, many stylists take the forms and ethnic patterns to create a new ethnic garment or complete an outfit. Also, we find on the summer outfits of African or Indian prints on very current cuts. Ethnic fashion is not just a simple inscription of patterns on a blouse or miniskirt, it is about wearing an authentic and exotic piece combined with a modern outfit. This mix of styles and cultures as much as it is well managed and composed can give a wonderful result.

Ethnic clothing, a desire for exoticism

Whether your destination is Asia, Africa, Morocco or Spain among other things, you must have in your luggage one of these ethnic clothes on which to bet and to dress exotic, while remaining at the same time chic: the Saharan cotton dress, the right skirt, the pantsuit, the embroidered saree-style blouse, the straight dresses in bright colors, without forgetting of course your printed jersey, harem pants or light baggy trouser

Summer dress for women

Indian Tunic

Original swimsuit

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