They are part of the tops of the spring-summer collection and find their legitimacy in a dressing room ethnic ! Never disappointing, the long-term trend pleasantly surprises by the ease with which it the door. No fear of making vulgar, or falling into the inappropriate, since the skirts and long dresses to suit all body types, all ages, all styles and all occasions.

Long dress bohemian ethnic, sensuality in the air

Pretty, on-trend and comfortable, these are the adjectives that always come back when we are describing a long dress ethnic summer, the centerpiece of an outfit a bohemian that goes almost with everything.

The long dress bohemian summer : what length for my morphology ?

To be sure of making a no-fault during the summer, we turn to the long dress, but what length ?

• When we are lucky enough to have a silhouette that is slender and slim, it allows a length to a midi or 7/8th.
• Otherwise, when you don't want to take any risk, you can choose the long dress which tickles the ankles, and why not the heels, as long as one there is ?

Ethnic bohemian fashion

Styles for my long dress ?

If we love the dress version long this season, it is undeniably to the plurality of choices that are available to us in terms of style and design. Among them, some have the wind in its sails more than the other.

The crazy success of the dress bohemian gypsy

Without surprise, this is the dress bohemian gypsy, with its colours and its motifs, playful, who won the palme for the spring season and summer. Dive in an atmosphere of bohemian, it is sheer and is adorned with ruffles, cascading or not, to set the tone on the lightness, the freedom and the joy of living.

The flower power, the unbeaten of the season

As always, the flowers landed with the sun and féminisent long dresses ethnic by their key, sometimes poetic, sometimes wild, sometimes delicate. Nevertheless, some of the impressions flowers play on a refinement to the English or authenticity to theindian.

The geometry is always in the limelight

The most characterized and more neutral, the geometric patterns with the circular arabesques, and the stripes regular, and symmetrical forms that don't want to do it and accentuate the features of your long dress ethnic.

The plain version, simple, classic and effective

When there is no time to the grounds, one is seduced by the simplicity of a long dress united. In the look of sportswear, it will be to wear it with a pair of sneakers or daddy's shoes. Otherwise version of chic, she called pretty heeled sandals.

The long skirt bohemian, the piece that matches with everything

The maxi will also be for the skirt which has a soul, a personality, a true style. This is not tomorrow that we will stop to fall for this piece of gossamer that refines and rushes to the silhouette.

Choose a long skirt according to my morphology

A little round belly, thighs that are deemed to be too huge, a calf that is not very flattering... all these complexes disappear in the snug comfort of the maxi skirt. Be careful though, the long skirt is chosen according to the shape of your body.

• Morphology in V : We are looking to add volume to the bottom of the body and should be preferred, and the ruffles and draping ; the skirts bohemian gypsy par excellence !
• Morphology in A : It will be necessary to start the body with a maxi skirt high waist as well as a spin-off fluid and floaty. As a precaution, place your tower in front of a skirt without a belt that will accentuate more the width of your hips.
• Morphology in H and X : Out of the question not to do everything to accentuate the parts of the anatomy that must be ! We will choose a maxi skirt with an elasticated waist well marked ; it is even better if it is wrinkled !
• Morphology 8 : The size is already marked, the assets are put in values, you can virtually all allow you except the maxi skirts that will accentuate more of your hip. Dosage required !
• Morphology O : The words are : long skirt with high waist and flowing material.

How to compose an outfit with a long skirt ethnic ?

A look ethnic girly is obtained with a long skirt with ethnic motives and a high kingdom near the body : a t-shirt or a tank top will be perfect. Others, more bold, blend maxi skirt and blouse fluid. In fact, it might be a loose fitting, a long skirt with a dropped fluid molds to the shape of your hips and adjust to your morphology.

Long skirts or long dresses, the maxi is a must. What we like above all is that they match with the basic and the timeless in the dressing room bohemian ethnic : bolero, leather jacket, tee-shirt, etc