Fashion ethnic rhymes with colors, originality and authenticity. Clothing ethnic are not designed with the use of simple tissues. What are the parts behind which hide the values and histories of other cultures. The tissue Sari, must-mode ethnic, is a perfect example, because it refers to the peculiarities of a particular ethnic group.

History of the Sari

The Sari, clothing, popular, indian, finds its origins to around three thousand years before our era. It was then a fabric used by priests to perform a drape-like pants on the lower part of the body. Then, the Sari has become an outfit worn by the indian women of all ages and for many occasions. Even today, the Sari is the traditional dress for the brides indian. This outfit was revealing the sensuality of women with a high body partially nude. At the present time, the Sari is worn with a blouse and a petticoat, which further accentuates the forms. It is a clothing that is characterized by vivid colors and a unique design worthy of a work of art is Inseparable from the culture, like the indian, the Saree is a sure wearing high ancestral techniques and craft of India.

Clothing Sari Babacheap

ethnic fashion

Babacheap, fashion specialist ethnic, transports you into the land of the Maharajahs with wonderful collections held in the Sari. If you are passionate about indian culture, if you like the print, the colors and the patterns, then you'll be greatly satisfied with the selections of clothing in Sari Babacheap.

On Babacheap, the Sari is available in a variety of designs to suit all tastes.

The dresses in the sari

The Sari offers a nice rendering on cuts like the short dresses, and maxi dresses, you choose :

  • The long dresses Sari: light, fluid, or vaporous, the long gowns to indian motifs embody the elegance, and can also be casual. Without the sleeves or shoulder straps, these dresses accentuate the sensual side, and reveal the femininity. They often highlight the upper part of the body and hide the rest. They have the ability to flatter all silhouettes ;
  • The dresses tunics Sari: they are all as comfortable as short dresses in a Sari. They are models of clothing providing great freedom of movement and a lightweight feel, very popular during the summer heat.

The skirts in the Sari

There is nothing like a skirt (either a long skirt or miniskirt) to enhance the beauty of Sari. The colors, patterns, indian and the fluidity of the fabric you back instantly in the fashion ethnic.

The pants Sari

The culture hindi invites also in comfortable rooms, such as the pants baggy, the harem, or the cut pant Aladin. To assert your strong personality, opt for pants Sari detailed in rabat, very original.

Clothing the Sari is not limited to these models, you will find, of course, other models corresponding to your dressing style :

  • combi-short Sari;
  • short Sari;
  • poncho Sari ;
  • blouse-Sari ;
  • etc...

The Sari to what style and look ?

The tissue Sari offers a possibility of varied followers of fashion, ethnic, because it is apparent perfectly well to many styles and looks. In fact, the clothing, the Sari can give an original look, chic, chic, romantic, or even casual. Associated parts basic, the Sari can also bring a touch of modernity to your look.

In addition to the indian style, Saris may reflect different clothing styles thanks to its design, prints and patterns. For example, the baggy trousers in Saree is ideal to adopt the style baba cool, a style where comfort is paramount. And a tunic Sari with floral prints could be entered in a style hippie chic style or bohemian.

On what occasions to wear a garment Sari ?

If the Sari indian is well rooted in the daily life as well as during various festive occasions, and cultural in India, it is not the least in the world of fashion, ethnic. The Sari is available in the Sari casual to be worn every day and at the beach, in the Sari chic for special events like a wedding, Sari styled for work, etc

The Sari has existed since a very long time, but it is anything but old-fashioned. When you can draw in the history of this fabric it can be seen that the Saree reflects the joy and merriment. Clothing Sari inspired by the sensuality, exoticism, authenticity, courage and emotion. These are values that make the beauty of the fashion ethnic.