The winter and its icy winds brought with them the passes amounts, rolled, and claudins, thus leaving room for necklines more fanciful that awaken our feminine soul, and flirtatious. Actually, this summer, the slashed trend will satisfy all tastes : from the most conservative to the most daring, from the great classics. And to our great joy, these necklines summer combine perfectly well with the fashion ethnic !

The necklines trend for the summer : it is revealed !

Because the sun wrap its heat yet this summer, we will dare to disclose, within the limits of chic, specify it with the.

The necklines classics that endure

As you might expect, the round collar is back on the catwalks and in the rays of the ready-to-wear to focus on ethnic. Sometimes strict, sometimes loose, sometimes retuse, there is no shortage of ways to revisit it. On a few tops and dresses of the collection spring-summer of BabaCheap, the round neck is adorned with a collar embroidered in trend is very ethnic to reduce the invoice of the accessories and to bring a unique style and original.

The other hand, the V-neck also makes its grand return after a few cleared off the table in the winter season. A chic copy, it goes very well with thin straps in dresses ethnic and in some models a tank top.

The necklines trend : the neck bardot and the cache-heart

When the classics to revisit, the necklines tend to be clearly distinguishable from the lot and invite fans of fashion ethnic to immerse yourself in the charm of the sixties and seventies.

The neck bardot, the trend spring-summer

What neckline for my morphology?

This collar bears the name of Brigitte Bardot, the French actress of the 60's who embodied the frenchy touch of women's fashion. It is she who has inspired the designers and stylists for this pass a little bit vintage and retro, the lines of which are recognized by the uncovered shoulders, the bust highlighted by a band of smocking or steering wheel.

This neckline ultra trend is echoed in the collection of high-spring-summer - woman of BabaCheap where the mode of ethnic and modern , is combined with this trend of the 60's. To avoid being trapped in the time, a high-neck bardot will be with parts that are more modern, such as a jean shorts embroidered, baggy pants ethnic colorful or harem pants fork high.

The neckline cache coeur, sexy without being vulgar

Since a few seasons already, neckline cache coeur has established itself as the reference in the art of seduction in the female. Scalloped in nature, this type of collar suggests more than it reveals and plays on this subtlety will never fall into the vulgarity.

When the cache-heart be revisited in a dressing room ethnic, the neckline continues in the cutting portfolio of a dress that will make a sensation during a romantic rendezvous or a party connected to the beach.

What neckline for my morphology ?

Of course, the slashed trend of the summer we are dreaming, but unless you are built like a supermodel, they are not all for us. The main element that will help in the choice, it is the shape of the top, especially the chest.

The round neck : it is ideal for those who have a small chest. The fact that it does allow us to discover that the neck will create a volume effect to be very significant. However, for those who possess a generous chest must look to the passes round, clear, almost square, which does not break down and do not lock the bust.
The V-neck : a single, the V-neck which reveals finely the bust is sufficient to feminize the look. If it is quite recommended for women with a strong chest, and those who need volume of that side will have to choose a V-shaped neckline is very plunging at the risk of flatten even more in the bust.
The neck bardot : regardless of your body shape, the neck bardot is for you, provided you follow certain rules. If you have a small chest, dare the neckline bardot ruffle that bring more volume to the bust. By contrast, a v-neck bardot with thin straps is recommended for those who have a generous chest to avoid the neckline that does not flatter the silhouette.
The cache-heart : no rules, No forbidden, the cache-heart is for all women ! Whether you're thin or round, whether you have a large or a small chest, this is one of those necklines trend of the summer which sublimeront all the feminine silhouettes.