The mode ethnicity is a very broad topic because each ethnic group has its own culture of dress. But among them there is one that stands out in particular, the mode of ethnic indian. You would be amazed to see how indian culture has influenced fashion as we know it currently.

Clothing cotton fabrics, thanks to the Indians !

At Babacheap, we offer a lot of cotton clothing like our mens shirts and our bags ethnic for example. Cotton is the material of fashion by excellence. It is very comfortable, natural, therefore in harmony with our ecological trends of the time, but more importantly, it allows the manufacture of clothing resistant to small price.

If you are now accustomed to wear cotton clothes as our clothes women printed ethnic, it is in part thanks to the Indian manufacturers ! Careful, this does not mean that they are the precursors. The Egyptians and the Peruvians the worked well before them. But if he was able to popularize as much everywhere, it was thanks to fabrics in cotton indians in the middle of the 17th century through the trading posts the French.

Indian Couturier

Even if it was importing, its low cost of manufacturing made it more accessible than the fabrics in silks and wools, the tissue most prevalent at that time. The cotton fabrics of indian is characterized also with patterns and bright colours, such as our dress is casual and comfortable with small sleeves, that contrasted with the sobriety that had the european fashion. This has upset the trend as it led the explorers to go farther and to bring in other modes, other styles from around the world by the following.

Bright and intense colours thanks to the fashion ethnic indian

At the beginning of the 20th century, at a time when distances are shrinking, that everything was possible and where one could almost dare to try everything, to import and bring the exotic had become the new trend. People were traveling more and more easily, and of course, returning rarely empty-handed from their journeys. If three centuries previously, only the base material was used as in the case of cotton cloth, in this century when the globalization began, it is just a concept, a culture that was important.

If the bright colors are now common, if we can enjoy our pretty dresses floral ethnic or of our jackets and original printed, we owe in large part to the cultural exchange with India. At this time, european artists were greatly fascinated by the asian culture. The stage performances, high in colour, which have then influenced fashion designers. Now, associations of colours, unimaginable up to then, appeared in many collections of clothing as you can see with our tunics influence sari and our long skirts indian. Discover them without delay ! These parts are absolutely original and crisp.

Accessories and ethnic jewelry marked by the indian culture

The indian influence doesn't stop at the clothing. It is present in all aspects of the fashion ethnic. The talents of the indian jewelers were known in the world for centuries. This has helped to disseminate a lot of the indian culture, both at the level of patterns, styles and of course colours. This influence, you can see it easily in our shop with our parts with sparkling colors like our pockets and bags ethnic that display clearly their indian origins, or at the level of shapes or motifs that adorn.