With spring and summer arriving, the harem pants makes his comeback in version more original than ever. If this piece that comes straight ofthe East leaves little room for half-measures, the short version of the harem pants ethnic may be of interest to more than one. How is and choose a harem pants short ? BabaCheap tell you all about this piece that will blend in style casual chic and sport at the time.

How to choose the harem pants short ?

Try a harem pants short, it is to adopt, but it is a wise choice. Material, cut and color, these three criteria will define the model of harem pants short ethnic who will accompany you this summer.

Choose the harem pants short depending on the material

The material defines the seal and the effect of harem pants short. If you want to revisit the style is casual , typical of the locals who wander in the souk in Marrakech, take the full flow through the tissues from viscose, which ensures an effect falling ones. By contrast, the chic and the elegance of a harem pants short be looking in noble materials, such as cotton voile or linen.

What a cup for my harem pants short ?

The sarouel court: an ethnic trend both chic and sport

As its name suggests, the harem short will stack below the knee or mid-calf. Given this length, a fork that is too low will be too much ; also you can opt for a fork of a dozen centimeters only, in order to draw beautifully forms and create a slender silhouette. Since the set is already full, we will prefer a size that curve the hips to feminize the whole.

What color for a harem pants short ?

The color of your harem pants ethnic short will depend on the effect you want to produce. The tones mat, beige – coral-light – taupe and oil, will give pep to your outfit ; while the colors more sober and sustained as the heather grey or the black will provide a side chic to your look.

When it is not kingdom, the harem pants short is a little bit ethnic and is adorned with some motifs inspired from different cultures. Everything is a matter of taste : some go on a fabric printed, others boast only a few colored patterns that break the character kingdom the fabric. Print aside, there are also harem pants, shorts that play on the marriages of tones for rendering two-tone or multicolored, according to the inspiration of the manufacturer.

How to wear the harem pants short ?

A true chameleon fashion, harem pants short background in many styles, but it is especially in the sportswear and casual chic that it will be the most highlighted.

The harem pants short sports version

It is well-known as a harem, it is long and short, found a legitimate place in the world of sportswear for its comfort and its looks ergonomic. In this sense, you can wear it with a tank top or a t-shirt close to your body to draw your curves and your body.

A pair of sneakers lightweight and very dishes will go well with a particular look. You can supplement it with a banana, a backpack or a shoulder ethnic. But for a yoga session, truncate the sneakers with flat sandals that you can easily remove it.

The harem pants short mode casual chic

The harem pants short, it is especially this piece original and chic that will enrich the daily life by its touch modern. This time, instead of the sneakers, you will wear heeled sandals for or a pair of shoes states. For the top, you're spoilt for choice : a gown chic and fluid that you will join in the harem pants, a blouse embroidered close to the body, a tunic - size-waisted, etc

What you must remember with a harem pants short :

The harem short is well-known to flatter the silhouette, but still need to know in work around the main pitfalls :

- A top too large will be the effect of a bag, so it is to avoid.
- The flip-flops and shoes offset are to be avoided. In the absence of high-heeled shoes purposes sandals style the spartans would be much better.

To give you a few tracks on the best of associations, here are some ideas of outfit for your harem pants short :

• The whole harem pants – spartans – tank top will make you a traveller very fashionable, especially if you add a few accessories ethnic to your outfit.
• For the evenings or the mornings were a little cool, wear the harem pants short with a tight-fitting top and a leather jacket colorful, you will be at the top.