It remains for us only a few days before that 2019 is not coming to an end ! And for the souls of optimists, passionate about nice things like us, this means, among other things, that it is time to think about the festivities of the end of the year ! The invitations will certainly not, so much to think about how to be elegant fashion bohemian ethnic !

The bohemian look ethnic in a few words

First understand the look bohemian ethnic, two concepts of the mode current, which combine to perfection. Colors and bright tones soft and neutral, extravagance and simplicity, the mixture of bohemian ethnic reveals a paradox distrainor, who are yet all the charm of this style.

  • The look ethnic, it is this style that draws inspiration from the culture of native american, tribal, oriental , and african ; the look which goes back to the roots and which merges with the philosophy of the hippie with his nonchalance, his free spirit and his taste for natural things.
  • The bohemian look, meanwhile, extols the simplicity, the passion for nature, the comfort and ease. But above all, it expresses the delicacy of women touching across the small touches almost country, like flower patterns, rather modern, such as the ruffles, or a little vintage and classic, such as embroidery.

How to choose an elegant attire fashion bohemian ethnic ?

Bohemian and ethnic outfits

Now, let's focus on the winning combinations of the style bohemian ethnic. You can make your choice according to the circumstances.

Dress fashion bohemian ethnic for an evening connected

If there's a piece that embodies the mix of bohemian, ethnic, this is the blouse with colorful patterns, comfortable, stylish and especially at the expense of the latest trends ! At BabaCheap, it wants becoming and floaty at times, with prints for feminine and a little bit of volume for a spin-off fluid.

In the elegant version, the coat is marie with :

  • A skirt is cut pencil to highlight the morphology and to have a stylish look very professional,
  • A high waist pants close to the body to shape your curves,
  • A long skirt with gossamer, a timeless cased always each season.

Evening dress bohemian and ethnic

The look bohemian chic offers great opportunities in the field of elegant dress for evening ; and it is better to have the choice with the many events that weave their way to the horizon.

Choose a dress elegant bohemian ethnic according to its morphology

Your silhouette will be a determining factor in choosing your evening dresses :

  • Whether you are round or thin, but you have a size marked, as the ultimate dream of all women, dare dresses, sheath or those which flares out from the waist. However, a length of short is recommended for women small.
  • If you have a slim build, athletic, with shoulders wide, sweeten your silhouette with the dresses that do not accentuate the size, but that highlight your legs delicate or your bust.
  • For those of you who are spoiled by a generous bust, go your way on the straps, or tops, and instead opt for the cache-heart, low-cut necklines emerged rounded or V.
  • If you have a small chest, try the tops and plunging necklines, because a little trompe-l'oeil is always welcome !

Dress solid or with a pattern for my dress stylish bohemian and ethnic ?

Shine with a thousand lights, it is the wish of all the women who want to spend great moments during the celebrations of the end of the year. If the colors and patterns guarantee a stunning effect, the dresses united are just as much a guarantee of style and elegance.

At BabaCheap, one juggles an in-between to find the right balance between the bohemian and the ethnic in our selection of elegant dresses to perfection. The patterns and colors are carefully analyzed to avoid a too-full of information, allowed only in summer season. At the same time, the dresses of ethnic and bohemian elegant designed in styles almost pure, and united, seduced as always by their simplicity.

Think of the accessories !

Find the right outfit, it is already an important step, but still need to know to enhance the whole by the right choices of accessories.

  • For shoes : shoes are synonymous with elegance, but the boots, the sandals at heel and some models of flat shoes represent a beautiful alternative.
  • Jewelry : they choose according to the taste, but dare to shine, for the year-end holiday season, it's now or never !

Handbags, indispensable and unavoidable, finalize your look with bohemian and ethnic !