The sun which becomes more clement than in the summer, the trees that are adorned with warm colors to draw a landscape of romantic and nostalgic at the same time, the first leaves are falling... All these signs indicate that it is the beginning ofautumn and thatwinter will not be long to point the tip of his nose. Decor aside, this season will be dedicated to dresses bohemian ethnic, these outfits are original, comfortable and trendy that we keep warm !

Dresses bohemian ethnic : the unbeatable season !

In the summer, they went chronic,, and this season the trend continues : dresses ethnic bohemian always remain at the top ! Simple, but bold, a little country, but very modern : original without too many fireworks, they are made of interesting contrasts that deserve all your attention.

Ethnic bohemian dress

How does one recognize thebohemian spirit in a dress ethnic ? Through the movements of the matter, cotton – viscose – polyester, with spandex and finished in velvet other times, and the dynamism of the motifs, the dress takes on a spirit of freedom and personal fulfilment, which relegates to the second plan conformism.

We also note that attachment to nature through prints flowers revisited in a way that is more fine and more discreet than in the summer version. Air being warm, the coat bohemian ethnic imposes a signature romantic, stylish and unique.

What is the length for autumn and winter ?

It is quite wrong to think that the court is to be banned in the dressing room autumn-winter. Quite the contrary, it holds high hand !

The short version of the dress bohemian ethnic

The casting has little place in the universe dresses ethnic, even less when the bohemian is of the feast. The femininity and sensuality that characterize this spirit will be found in dresses that are straight or those with a wide base. There will be ruffles, there will be cuts, but there will also be asymmetrical forms. Climate and taste require : a pair of tights opaque or semi-opaque is mandatory !

In a longer version, it gives what ?

Version, midi or maxi, dress bohemian ethnic remains vaporous and will release a little bit of vintage and medieval. She will want to be fully united, or will use between the plain fabrics and printed ; and as always the long version remains a sure value, especially for big occasions ! To mark the size, there will definitely be a belt or even a cutout that will highlight your curves if female.

With or without sleeves : a question that deserves reflection ?

For fear of committing a fashion faux-pas, it tends to avoid dresses bohemian ethnic sleeveless : is this justified ?

The dress bohemian ethnic sleeveless is a legitimate place in the autumn-winter collection, because it facilitates the wearing of a garment warm on top, like a jacket, a coat, a vest, a cardigan, a poncho, etc .. You can even wear a sweater kingdom to the inside of the dress !
The dress bohemian ethnic long sleeves as it does not lend to any confusion, it is often referred to as a sweater dress.

Dress ethnic boho chic and the colors that go with them !

We really enjoyed with the dresses generously coloured in summer, is what we must give up now ? The answer is no : with the trend for boho, we honour the colours, except for the flashys !

The warm colors and delicate fall define the bohemian trend ethnic. It is in this sense that we will prefer the brown, dark brown, yellow, and red.
• You can also allow it to flourish your passion for the colors white, black, navy blue and other dark tones and simple, characteristics of the season.
• Nothing prevents you no longer to push the limits by trying out the shades of pastel or draw in a range wider for a look that's unique.

With what accessories complement the dress bohemian ethnic ?

Among the many reasons why we love the wedding bohemian-ethnic, it is that it is a style that does not take us the head and which evokes freedom. Also, depending on your tastes, you can associate your dresses bohemian ethnic with scarves, large belts if you are rather large, cover-chiefs special fall-winter, etc, For footwear, as it's cold, we turn towards the low boots, boots, but also with the classic sneakers, and flat shoes.