Component integrating the mode-ethnic, the baggy trousers remains a classic, many times, visited, and corrected by the great names of fashion. Today, he completed the challenge which will complement the wardrobe of all tastes and of all styles, bringing his touch is original, his mind elsewhere and his trump card comfortable to the souls quaint and original spirit. Discover everything you need to know about the baggy trousers in this article.

The baggy trousers, what is it ?

Before going further, it is necessary to specify what kind of pants ethnic can wear the word cuffed. Like the harem pants or the pants Aladin, it is a garment large and wide, with the difference that its overall design is more similar to a classic pants.

In other words, it is the version most ample and most comfortable jean slim-fit. We recognize especially the baggy trousers , ethnic - by-his size and his ankles with elastic , which adds to its comfort and form its design. Usually carved in a flowing material, it designed with cotton, viscose or polyester.

How to choose a pair of pants cuffed ethnic ?

What we love with the baggy trousers, is that the cut is made to delight all silhouettes.

Size : one of The major advantages of a baggy trousers ethnic, it is that its size is made of smocking and elastic ; hence its ability to adjust perfectly to your body, eliminating the need for several fittings. It is for this reason that our shop ethnic online offers will several models of trousers.
Design : According to your morphology, choose between pants cuffed plain or printed. A design kingdom will showcase the silhouettes round while the patterns printed sublimeront those that are large and thin.

How to wear baggy trousers in the summer ?

Ethnic baggy trousers

The success of the baggy trousers ethnic summer weather is such that the designers have declined in different styles, responding to everyone's taste. In effect, everyone can enjoy the unique comfort offered by this garment summer, while having the opportunity to accommodate to his style.

The baggy trousers ethnic indian version

When we speak of a look indian with the baggy trousers, we leave as soon as his imagination wander in the market of New Delhi to review the daily outfit of indian women. In the field, we will choose to wear the baggy trousers paired with a tunic, long pattern sari, a combination much appreciated by those who have a few bulges to hide at the hips. If you have the chance to measure more than 1.60 m, you can afford the flat sandals with this outfit. Otherwise, we will recommend shoes compensated to lengthen and refine your silhouette.

A modern look and casual with the pants cuffed ethnic

Version modern and stylish, the trousers ethnic wants to be just slightly large to allow for wearing a pair of sneakers or flat sandals. For the form of the size, we will prefer models with a waist belt that contours the hips to bring out the t-shirt curved and close to the body, which goes well with the ethnic style of the trousers. On this, if the top is already printed, to bet on the sobriety of the trousers kingdom and vice-versa.

An outfit that worked with the pants cuffed

Because everyone is not a fan of the look baba cool where a baggy trousers extra large version is combined with a poncho, we offer you this look worked and the chic suit to a day of work. To do this, we build on a rendering hippie chic by combining a baggy trousers printed with a high uni and stylish close to the body. Depending on the circumstances, you can add a small fitted jacket or a cardigan that you retrousserez the sleeves to reveal a beautiful watch.

The trousers in look baba cool

Association of a high and a low wide, it is as well that we made an outfit hippie worthy of the name. Also, you will choose a trousers extra large version and very colorful, to combine with a poncho or a top-oversize, as well as sneakers to complete the whole thing. There is no need to remind you that such a style leaves no room for a half-measure.