The summer ! It arrives still with its note of sweetness, with a dose of lightness, but also a lot of heat often unbearable ! When the weather forecast calls for an alert heatwave, this rhyme always with a puzzle in front of the closet to find a suitable outfit. But it is as much a choice of material that a choice of clothing, then what fabric for the summer ? Let's point out the material preferred for the summer season in this article !

Fabric for the summer : the natural materials first !

Wear a pretty little dress bohemian light, this goes without saying, but it is still necessary to choose it with the good material to prevent watermarks very annoying under the arms ! This is why we need to turn to the natural materials which make it possible to fight effectively against sweating.

Fabric for the summer : the cotton, a must-have

In the collection of clothes spring-summer BabaCheap, you will find a variety of outfits of outfits that are designed with a cotton-pure version, voile or jersey.

  • Cotton is probably the natural material which is more accessible in the field of textile. In addition to being convenient, it is also very appreciated, especially as a fabric for summer. If we rely on this connection for many models of blouses in ethnic and pants as casual wear, it is because it guarantees the freshness thanks to its absorbing capacity and good air circulation between its meshes.
  • The cotton voile, you'll find massively in the long skirts bohemian where the emphasis will be placed on the side, wispy, fluid and shimmering. A slight transparency, the veil of cotton will be doubled for a more chic.
  • The cotton jersey, it is on the elegant dresses, the blouses, ethnic, high fashion, the harem pants, 3en1, in short on all the clothes ethnic which require flexibility and good elasticity.

Fabric for the summer : linen and silk

The ethnic cotton veil

Of course, he has this annoying habit of crumpling at the first opportunity, causing you to be very careful, but the linen is still a must have in the summer. Instantly recognizable by its fibre silky, it gives a feeling of freshness that will make the heat more bearable.

On his side, the silk holds high hand thanks to its virtues of the thermal : it refreshes in summer and warms in winter. It is at the level of the price the rub, saw that the silk is always associated with a certain luxury, where the price can become exorbitant at times. Not to worry, the silk is a fabric for summer highly recommended !

Fabric for the summer, and variants of synthetic ?

Despite the criticism against the synthetics, they are not all to be banned, many of them are even of beautiful fabrics for the summer.

Polyester, second to cotton

Alternative synthetic cotton, polyester shows the same softness, entranced by the same lightness and even managed to offer the same advantages in terms of ventilation. In fact, with a weight of less than 130 g/m2, the veil of polyester ensures a good circulation of air to keep you cool even if the temperature is scorching hot.

Viscose, silk, semi-synthetic

Hard to put into the viscose in a class of tissue specific, in that it comes from a plant cellulose, so natural, but processed and assembled industrially, therefore, synthetic. Anyway, the viscose has almost the same characteristics as silk and are of a lightness and a fluidity exceptional. It is not uncommon to find on the long skirts airy, the tops flowing or the small beach dresses.


The details that make the difference !

Natural or synthetic materials, regardless of the fabric for the summer that you choose, know that you can always bring the key that makes the difference.

  • The embroidery hook: very fashionable for this summer and cartonnant to the beach, the ponchos transparent parent openwork parts drawn by points of hook.
  • The mesh devoured: you'll appreciate its slight transparency and the ability to take advantage of every breeze of the summer thanks to the fineness of the fabric.
  • Lace : decorating your outfits in ethnic by a signature in English, slightly vintage, the fine lace is also an ally freshness on fabrics for the summer.