Preparing for autumn-winter ethnic fashion

Staying in the ethnic bohemian trend for autumn

In less than a month, summer will come to an end and give way to autumn. Light clothes (such as minishort and top with straps) will have to be replaced with outfits more suitable for autumn coolness. Then it's time to think about preparing for this change of season and create your new wardrobe. If you are passionate about ethnic fashion or want to adopt this look for the next season, read this article that will certainly inspire you for the composition of your autumn dressing.

Choose ethnic pieces in autumnal hues


Who says autumn says change of colors. Indeed, during this season, we observe a transformation of nature. The leaves of the trees begin to turn yellow, and the colors of the clothes keep pace.  So you can opt for characteristic autumn tones that are the blight, the brown, the yellow and the red. Soon warm colors which also define the ethnic fashion in particular the bohemian look. But that doesn't stop you from wearing other lighter colors like the white or more sober as the black. It is also possible to combine neutral colors and more colorful shades. Know that the pastel colors are also very trendy for this autumn-winter. These soft shades help soften the season and will bring a modern style to your autumn ethnic look.

The materials to be preferred

As the temperatures gradually drop, it will be better to select clothes that will keep you warm while taking into account the comfort of wearing the clothes. If you prefer natural fibers, turn to natural fiber. cotton. It is a comfortable material that works in any season. There viscose is also a soft and light material, very appreciated for the comfort it offers. It is an ideal fabric for temperate days. And for the chilly, opt for thick fabrics such as the wool.

There are synthetic fiber materials just as comfortable and that are more affordable question price. We distinguish, for example, the viscose, warm and silky to the touch. The polyester gives a fluid look to the clothes and that perfectly matches the ethnic style of clothing. The velvet is also an infinitely soft fabric, which goes well with ethnic fashion, and what's more is timeless. It effectively protects against wind.

Essential ethnic pieces for the transition period

You will have understood, the ethnic fashion is completely compatible with all seasons including autumn and winter. To compose your autumn-winter dressing, you need to know the must-have ethnic fashion.

Knitwear with ethnic touch

Mesh clothes keep warm well. With an ethnic touch, they give character to an autumnal look. The knitwear comes in different cuts and colors. There short mesh dress is one of the most fashionable models of clothing during the cold seasons. You can vary the styles and diversify your ethnic look by playing on the reason and the print. For example, to adopt a look hippie chic you can choose a red dress made of plain fabric with small touches of ethnic patterns.

The ethnic bohemian dress

Whether long, short, with or without sleeves, the ethnic boho dress in its place in an autumn-winter wardrobe. If you opt for a sleeveless ethnic dress, you can always wear a warmer garment over it (jacket, poncho, etc.). If you want a romantic ethnic style while protecting yourself from the wind, choose a long dress with sleeves, made of floating fabric and with prints and ruffles. 

Ethnic style warm clothes

You have the opportunity to keep your ethnic style even if the cold starts to set in. Simply change the light clothes in your wardrobe to warmer ones. For this, Babacheap offers you the spoilt for choice :

  • ethnic jacket: bohemian fleece jackets for a casual look, chic ethnic jackets for a modern look, zipped jackets for a sportswear look, a whole collection of jackets that will inspire you a unique and stylish wardrobe ;
  • sub-sweater and ethnic sweater: between colorful patterns and floral prints you have everything you need to stay original during autumn and winter. Indeed, the cold is not an obstacle to follow ethnic fashion. You can thus adopt without problems the bohemian look or the hippie chic look ;
  • poncho: if you like the offbeat look or want to dress trendy and hippie chic, don't forget to incorporate the poncho into your new wardrobe. It is a must of ethnic fashion, you have the choice between the colorful poncho, turtleneck poncho, embroidered poncho, mesh poncho, etc.

You can also complete your dressing room with a ethnic short skirt. Worn with pairs of tights and ankle boots, the short skirt is an ally to highlight its femininity while adopting a timeless look. And to perfect your fall look, consider wearing fashion accessories that will give you warmth such as a pompom hat or a colorful scarf.


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