With the arrival of the beautiful days, we can afford to wear more colorful and original. The bohemian-style is synonymous with freedom and creativity. It is the fashion staple during the spring season, but also for the summer ! Beautiful, mild and daring, outfits bohemians are easy to wear. In addition, the style of boho remaining timeless and fits almost all occasions (parties, holidays, or work).

Essentials style bohemian

Mode bohème

The bohemian-style has a romantic side and is very close to the style hippie chic. Natural fabrics, light weight and soft chiffon, sari, or even cotton are put in the honor. In addition to the textile, this style is also characterized by patterns of floral, printed , ethnic, embroidery, fringes...

To prepare your wardrobe for the bohemian-style, think of the parts must-sees such as the long dress, the maxi skirt, the blouse and light, the tunic wheel, jacket in crochet, etc

And to make your bohemian look more interesting, complete with classic pieces and vintage, not to mention the accessories. In short, be creative !

Ideas bohemian look for mid-season

This dress style puts the emphasis on femininity , while remaining cool. And spring is the perfect time to adopt it.

Now you know the basic on bohemian fashion, then go for it ! Create your dressing room spring-summer shoppant of beautiful outfits among the selection of products Babacheap.

What type of clothing to bohemians for the spring ?

In the spring, the weather is pleasant, but the temperatures are rather mild, and there can always be precipitation.

Here are some ideas of clothes bohemian to be on trend during mid-season :

  • dress bohemian long : this is one of the parts to the basic bohemian-style. For those who prefer a style that is both classic and charming, opt for a light dress neck bardot. If you want to reveal your femininity, choose a floaty dress with shoulder straps or cache-cœur and colorful. And if you're a little chilly, and you like the style, boho, turn to a long-sleeved dress, transparent, light. With or without a steering wheel, the choice is yours. The most important thing is the originality of the dress.
  • the maxi skirt bohemia : bohemian fashion is suitable for all women, regardless of their morphology. If you have a silhouette O, find the piece that will flatter your curves. The ideal would be to move to a model of skirt patterns and vertical swaths in order to refine the silhouette. Skirts indian printed or ornate in fluid fabric dress elegantly morphologies filiform.
  • the tunic : this piece basic bohemian fashion comes to the infinite on both the style of the fabric. It can be in cotton, mesh, with prints ethnic, drawings, floral, cheerful colours, in a style that is casual or romantic.

The idea would be to keep a little warmth for the mid-season while matching outfits to be original.

Ideas of outfit for the warm season

In the summer time, it obviously makes more hot then we can allow to wear lighter and shorter.

What outfits bohemian for the summer ?

Summer dresses bohemian long are always trend. However, it will be necessary to choose a cutting fluid, sleeveless and loose-fitting for optimum comfort. Apart from the dresses, with a wide choice of clothing is available in the collection's bohemian Babacheap. Here are some ideas of outfits bohemian to make the most of the warm season :

  • the mini dress and short skirt bohemian : it is beautiful and it is hot, it is the perfect time to show his beautiful legs while remaining stylish.
  • the tank top with embroidery, t-shirt chic: you can really be at ease and comfortable in your clothes and stay in the bohemian spirit. These are high that you can wear with pants bohemian way Aladdin.
  • the jacket crochet and poncho voile viscose: these clothes are loose and wide, perfect for your beach vacation. Don't forget your bag bohemian to carry your business (towel, shirt, and creams).
  • tunic dress: printed indian floral motif, this is the piece to have for summer evenings, but also to avoid sunburn during heat waves.

To vary your wardrobe, you will be able to add other interesting pieces such as a lightweight top, a blouse or a blouse bohemian. These will go perfectly with a minishort jeans.

And voila ! Bohemian fashion has no secrets for you. You can already prepare your wardrobe for spring-summer. This trend is sure to satisfy any style, classic, original, casual, chic, romantic, etc It is also suitable for all women (round or thin), especially those who want to feel free and feminine.