One more turn around the sun for our beloved planet, a new page opens to us its inhabitants : BabaCheap wish you an excellent year 2020 ! One thing is for sure : this year again, the shop will remain faithful to its policy that values your satisfaction to always provide you with the best customer experience possible.

In this new year, we suggest you do the tour of the future trends to 2020. Of course, BabaCheap will be a joy to revisit trendy ethnic, with a touch sometimes bohemian, sometimes hippie chic, sometimes baba cool to meet all tastes.

A small tower on the headline trends of the winter

Ethnic Bohemian Fashion Trends 2020

As the winter will continue for another few months, why not do a round-up of trends in ethnic for the cold season ?

The colour highlights of the fashion ethnic winter

We really like this winter, it is that black no longer has as many dimensions as before. The parts are solid black or gray are very rare, but it allows for a palette more bright with a bit of pop !

The pastel colors, the softness to the way ethnic and bohemian

The spearhead of the style bohemian, shades of pastel are familiar with the wind in their sails this winter. Mild, bright, pleasant, without falling into extravagance, these shades plunge into an atmosphere of ultra - romantic and nostalgic for the season. Yellow, purple, green, peach and oil, rose powder... there is a what to put in value the delicate hues, very feminine.

The colors that stand out

Far of the 50 shades of grey, colors which essentially define better in summer than winter land in the collection of warm clothing to BabaCheap. Even on the catwalks of the great designers, we find this bold, this fearless bright colors which relegate in the background of the classics of the season.

  • The fuchsia invites on many outfits. Elegant, original and very girly, it will continue the trend of neon.
  • The silver remains one of the major trends of the time, especially during the festivities, but that it prevents you from the show from time to time. Question of dosage requires, prefer one-piece solid more sober to match. In the same optical brilliance and glitter, you will turn to sequins, made of metallic, in short, everything you need to shine !

The reasons to have in your dressing room ethnic

Ethnic motifs have not finished dazzle us ! You have not yet to give it up for this year !

  • They will come back with the keys more wild through the animal prints: zebra, python and leopard-print small back to you to pay tribute to these animals by the way !
  • At the same time, the tiles are the same as last year. Princes of Galle, tartan, patterns, scottish, they blend in easily in an arty, sportswear or casual.
  • But the star is undoubtedly, the motif cashmere brings an air of oriental and breath vintage in the 70's in our dressing room. A must-have for the season !

A small preview of the trends for the summer of 2020 !

As it should be visionary at the beginning of a new year, let's review what we can expect for the next summer, in the hope that the time will dart very quickly !

  • Denim : the top of the top. In the mode of their ethnicity, color jean , and the denim will be the support of numerous pieces of colored patterns. Style loose-oversize the tie-and-dye and stone wash, they will be more in vogue than ever in the sun !
  • The tucks and pleats: Folds flat, or the sun, shirring regular, the skirts and the bases of the dresses for spring will be this luxury a little bourgeois particularly feminine and air.
  • The aztec-inspired: We will pay tribute to the aztec people through the patterns which will decorate our tops, trousers, skirts and summer dresses.
  • Cloths clean: Under the blazing sun, which will be waiting for us on a firm footing within a few months, one can only love sails light and diaphanous that will give pace to our long dresses.
  • Flowers: As always, there will be impressions of flowers to beautify and feminize the spring-summer collection. In addition to those that will have the air of something out of a garden, some flower patterns will will prevail of a posh English or a joy of life to theindian.


On these points about fashion trends 2020, we wish you a very happy new year !