Nepal shirt, an eternal timeless

Light, comfortable and original, the Nepal shirt is a must have from the men's wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons. It is a timeless garment that comes in different styles, design and colors. The Nepalese shirt meets a need for an assertive look, it is undeniably part of the ethnic fashion.

Origin of the Nepal shirt


The Nepal or Kurta shirt has existed for a long time, approximately since the 12thU.S.A. century. It is a traditional outfit worn by men in India, Pakistan or Nepal. Kurta is a word that comes from Urdu, a language derived from the Indo-Aryan language.

According to history, the origin of this garment lies in the Indo-Persian culture. It is believed to have been brought to the subcontinent of India (through exchanges) where it became an elegant garment worn during various ceremonies.

The Kurta refers to a loose shirt without a collar, with a simple cut and straight sleeves. Traditionally made of silk or cotton, it usually has a slit opening at the chest allowing ease of movement. The Nepal shirt can also be fitted with a button placket adorned with wooden buttons. This top was usually associated with harem pants, it was appreciated for its comfort and it still is. 

Today, the Nepal shirt comes in many more modern versions without taking anything away from its value and Oriental spirit. It can be worn on all occasions, and even on a daily basis.

Nepal shirt and ethnic fashion

There Nepal shirt instantly returns a look to the ethnic fashion, an essential fashion and trend for a few years. Indeed, this Indian top ticks all the boxes characterizing ethnic fashion :

  • warm or solid colors ;
  • material natural, comfortable and light ;
  • handcrafted ;
  • respect for fair trade ;
  • original cut and design.

In addition, the Kurta is a piece that highlights the culture of one ethnic group (or several) through inspirations drawn from ancient traditions.

Types of shirts Nepal

On Babacheap, there are many Kurta models from which you could choose according to your taste :

  • Nepal short sleeve shirt lightweight cotton for extra freshness in spring and summer ;
  • Nepal long sleeve shirtto keep the ethnic spirit in autumn and winter ;
  • Kurta with mao collar or officer collar ;
  • Kurta with wood button closure ;
  • Colorful kurta ;
  • Nepal shirt with striped or plain design ;

Nepal shirt: possible look and style

As it is now available in various styles, the Nepalese shirt allows to adopt different looks.

Babacool look

The Kurta is designed in a wide way to bring maximum comfort to the wearer. It can thus be worn as the centerpiece of a casual dress reflecting a spirit babacool. And to add even more character to your entire outfit, pair the Nepal shirt with a harem pants or a pair of jeans.

Hippie Look

You want to affirm your look at thespirit sixties ? The Nepal shirt is suitable for a claim of hippie style. It naturally conveys the carefree appearance and feeling of freedom typical of clothing in this style.

To achieve your hippie look, a colorful Nepal shirt with stripes is a sure bet.

Organic Spirit

Babacheap's Nepal shirts come from Nepalese craftsmanship, made in compliance with an ethical charter. They are made of 100% cotton very absorbent and refreshing. It is a traditional weave that allows the body to breathe and for your greatest comfort.

On what occasions to wear a Nepal shirt

If the Kurta was originally a traditional garment, its wearing has now democratized. It is worn by all (man and woman) and to all circumstances, which makes it timeless.

To highlight your look with a Kurta, adapt the outfit to every occasion.

For an everyday look

In everyday life, the wide and relaxed Kurta will give you lots of comfort. You can choose a model with stripes or a warm color that you will associate with jeans. 

For a work outfit

Bet on a united Kurta and elegant with a mao collar and button closure.

For great occasions

Opt for a white Nepal shirt, made of poplin cotton fibers. The silky appearance of this fabric is sure to bring a chic look.

The Nepal men's shirt is a trendy piece that you will have to have in your dressing room, because it will not betray you. It can be simple, elegant, comfortable, casual, or chic. In addition, you will not have trouble matching it.


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