Mode ethnic ethics, it is the red thread that our vendor undertakes to honour through each collection of clothes bohemian, renewing each season. Much more than a simple shop ready-to-wear specialized in the trend, hippie chic, bohemian, ethnic or baba cool, our supplier takes the more often the path of ethics to meet its social commitments and solidarity. Also, for each purchase, customers are participating in a distribution chain equitable rewards, at fair value, the artisans with whom the brand is working for the creation of original clothing and unpublished.

Mode ethnic ethics : the guarantee of a high quality

Statue of Buddha

If BabaCheap strives to place its steps in the respect of ethics and standards that are fair, this is because our supplier is that the motivation and the determination of the craftsmen to the source is manifested in the quality of the clothing and accessories ethnic. It is in this way that the fine embroidery worked sometimes in the hand, the beautiful finishes and shades of color, obtained from artisanal methods to decorate the dresses bohemian, the skirts romantic at wish, pants ethnic colored, harem pants, original, top, stylish, etc And this makes all the difference : fashion ethnic ethics BabaCheap wins in tone, in terms of dynamism and a touch of local color !

Mode ethnic ethics : in respect of an inclusive

By browsing the radius of clothing ethnic BabaCheap, you will discover that the brand has collaborated most often with asian producers. From flowered dresses indian - pants batik hippie from Nepal via the harem pants, colored in China, we make the tour of those countries where the talent is a family's heritage and the culture remains authentic. Because, let's not forget, the culture also remains to be featured in the fashion ethnic ethics. Artisans paid fair value, working conditions, standards-compliant, blankets health of employees worthy, it is well proved that the commercialism fades in the face of the commitment of our supplier.

How fashion ethnic ethic is evident in our collections ?

Of course, the technical side, which accompanies the mode ethnic ethics is not perceptible directly about our articles, however, this commitment materializes with the quality of the clothing and accessories ethnic marketed.

Mode ethnic ethics : the detail that sets them apart

Talking of fashion, ethnic ethics, it is, above all, value the techniques at the source, and the traditional know-how. This is the reason for our supplier crossing borders to seek authenticity in the hands of skilled manufacturers from asia. This is manifested not only through the quality of the fabrics, but also details that highlight each of our models of clothes bohemian.

  • Indian fabrics: Ubiquitous in fashion collection ethnic ethics of our online store, they are the result of a secular knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. Whether they are woven according to the method of Khadi, Ikat or Chanderi or coloured in accordance with the rules of KalamKari, the Dabu, the indian fabrics impress with their renderings for very aesthetic.
  • Embroidery : Enhancing the blouses stone washed as the coats bohemians and dresses hippie chic, they add a great vintage look and romantic thanks to the quality of a work, sometimes hand-made, as in the time of our grandmothers.
  • Impressions : From thy flowered on the grounds of ethnic, passing by the beautiful arabesques and rosettes, there is plenty to color and invigorate your dressing room !

Mode ethnic ethics : an exceptional finish accessories

Because the mode ethnic ethics is not limited to clothing, BabaCheap also offers a wide range of accessories and items of interior decoration.

  • Ethnic accessories on ethical : Bags, hats, mittens, scarves, accessories to the ethnic of BabaCheap give off a render authentic that will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy the charm of some bags and hats, hand-woven of natural materials such as exotic, ideal for the beach and vacation on the water's edge !
  • Decoration articles: geckos that are reminiscent of Indonesia and its regions, the buddhas for to honour the philosophies of buddhism, masks wall primitive plunge in the heart of ethnicities forgotten Asian, BabaCheap delivers the taste of the day the tradition by working with artisans motivated, caring for every detail, every finish.

Mode ethnic ethics, it is thanks to this guidance as our supplier adherence to its social commitments and listed all of his efforts in the standards fair.