A real change happened in the dressing room of pregnant women since a few decades already. Styles more diverse, are added to the usual dresses of the pregnancy to allow the future moms to be beautiful, radiant and comfortable in waiting for the happy event. The bohemian fashion, ethnic, she, too, has brought his touch by inviting them into the wardrobe of mothers, modern and original. How to dress fashion bohemian ethnic when one is pregnant ?

Maternity and dress bohemian ethnic dress otherwise

The dress remains in the garment fetish for those who live in their maternity wards, simply because it is comfortable and easy to wear. In the mode of ethnicity, we say yes to the dress, but in a different tone ; it's all in the cut.

The halter dress, ample and comfortable

ethnic bohemian fashion special maternity

Known to be lightweight, easy to wear and ergonomically designed, the halter dress embodies the perfect outfit for pregnancy. At BabaCheap, it takes the form of a dress wide neck line with a round neck and a cut without sleeves. As well as a spin-off fluid, it will seduce you with his impressions, sometimes exotic, sometimes ethnic and sometimes circular. The originality does not default just like the comfort, especially if you choose one made of cotton, viscose or polyester.

The dress bohemian ethnic to cutting adapted to the maternity

Whether it is long or short, the dress has a cut-out under bust is among the dresses of the pregnancy in the most demand, provided that it is associated with a broader base and fluid. This type of dress is preferred by pregnant women who are very attached to their femininity. Actually, the dress has a cut out under bust frees the part of the belly, especially when it is flared, and gives a charming, romantic and feminine.

The long dresses of the ethnic BabaCheap have for the most part a high waist and a base fluid. In addition, so as not to suffocate the chest, a part of the body especially sensitive during the pregnancy, the top of the back is elasticated or smocké for more flexibility. As for colors and patterns, you have a variety of choices at your disposal.
• Some of the short dresses have the same design. A small cut-out elasticated mark the high waist for more comfort.
• The exception is at the level of the cup charlerston that has a low waist with a high bouffant and loose-fitting, offering a real cosy nest for a small belly rebounded well.

The harem pants and the baggy trousers of pregnancy

Proper clothing in all seasons, the harem pants and the baggy trousers embody the top of the outfit, pregnancy ethnic and hippie chic. However, there are two criteria that allow you to recognize easily the adapted versions to the maternity ward.

Size : The harem pants ethnic and baggy trousers that you choose to wear during your pregnancy should be fitted with a wide band elasticated

Live your motherhood with bohemian ethnic fashion

or smocked to the waist. This detail will allow the piece to accompany the evolution of your belly.
Material : fabric, preference should be given to materials, light and refreshing, such as cotton, polyester and viscose. The addition ofelastane, a material guarantor of the flexibility of the fabric, is strongly recommended in order to allow the harem pants or your trousers fit to your body without the squeeze.

Create other outfits ethnic suitable for pregnancy

In addition to the dress, the harem pants and the pants ethnic, it is possible to compose an outfit of pregnancy with other pieces.

The whole tunic ethnic and legging

At BabaCheap, we offer you a wide range of tunics ethnic suitable for pregnant women. Some models are equipped with a cut wide and flared to give a rendering chic and feminine. Other, more casual incorporate a shape size bass with a link to tighten to create a high bouffant, the ideal during pregnancy.

With a tunic ethnic print and colorful, we recommend the wearing of a lower kingdom, a legging in cotton for immense comfort, a pants kingdom or shorts suitable for pregnancy.

The skirt of the pregnancy, cool and comfortable

During maternity, the skirt is also appreciated that the dress for practical reasons and for concerns of comfort. If the short skirt arouses little enthusiasm on the part of expectant mothers, long skirts ethnic appeal for its bohemian and romantic at the same time. Again, it is desirable that your choice falls on a model with a size soft and elasticated to allow you to enjoy plenty of the maternity while living out your passion for fashion bohemian ethnic.