Harem pants, on one side, baggy trousers, on the other, to what model to turn ? It-parts of the mode ethnic and trend baba cool, they give rise to both the enthusiasm of those who appreciate the hippi-touch in their walk in closets. Should he decide between one of these two models ? Discover the main arguments for the harem pants ethnic and baggy trousers hippie chic !

Harem pants ethnic : an ally that never fails

At A time when the economic situation forces us to take precedence over the comfort or, at least, to put on the same pedestal as design, the harem pants original is, more than ever, its legitimacy in the dressing feminine.

Harem pants ethnic : garment, indoor, sports gear and attire


Why choose a harem pants ethnic ? One of the answers to this question lies in one word : versatility. Whether you're looking for a comfortable room to wear home, whether you're looking for a apparel that will allow you to feel at ease, whether you need an outfit that is broad, ergonomic and stylish to go shopping, the harem pants casual will satisfy you.

This versatility of harem pants, ethnic BabaCheap holds in a general way in their designs and detailed original. With an elasticated waist, they are designed with flowing materials and light to enable you to move with ease and move as you wish without feeling any discomfort.

Harem pants ethnic : different versions

This versatility suggests the existence of different variations of the harem pants ethnic to meet the requirements of the circumstances.

  • The harem pants sportswear : Generally fork high, or mid-bass, it is designed with stretch cotton. The harem pants either short, mid-long or long, the edges of the pegs are well tightened to allow easy wearing a pair of sneakers.
  • The harem pants hippie : Small celebrations in the family, a reunion of the followers of the look hippie, small walk in announced under a beautiful omen, the events where the atmosphere is casual will be at the rendez-vous will welcome your harem pants, fork low. The original details are sure to enhance your outfit : big pockets, flaps, beautiful embroideries, colorful, patterns, etc
  • The harem pants 3 in 1: The most charming look to this model that leads to a turn of the hand. Top ethnic cuffed , long-sleeved, jumpsuit strapless length midi or harem pants fork low and you have to accommodate the room according to your desires.

Baggy trousers ethnic : a versatile piece that invites everywhere

Colourful, vibrant, shimmering, the baggy trousers is undoubtedly among the clothing of the most versatile fashion ethnic. Having the gift to flatter all silhouettes, it has imposed itself today as a key trend to compose a modern outfit, original and stylish.

Baggy trousers : the family atmosphere in the professional setting

Version casual, the baggy trousers ethnic offers the same comfort as a jogging bottoms and seduces with a belt smocked or elasticated at the waist. Designed with cotton or polyester, it will wear with flat sandals, sneakers, or even socks for the home-mood !

Version of working girl, the baggy pants of BabaCheap appear under a design close to the body without mold. The little smock, which tightens the ankles enables you to wear a pair of heel shoes to start the silhouette and enhance your curves tenderly feminine. With a high close to the body and a short jacket, you will earn a nice look preppy to wear to the office.

Baggy trousers original, between trend and style

Of the biggest catwalks of fashion to the rays of the ready-to-wear ethnic, the baggy trousers saves a franc success ! This can be explained by the different permutations of where all tastes can be found :

  • For the more conventional : the pants cuffed kingdom, raised discreetly by a few touches of colour, charm the followers of an understated look, simple and elegant. High-heeled shoes are obligatory !
  • For those who break the codes : the grounds were as dynamic as original and colourful bring the tone on the baggy pants ethnic which adjust slightly to the body until mid-thigh for a design that is wider towards the base.

Harem pants ethnic Vs baggy Trousers : a matter of taste !

You would have understood by reading this article, the harem pants ethnic and baggy trousers hippie chic arm both versatility and satisfy all tastes. Whether you're a fan of a classic look or a fan of the original tendency, these two parts will conform to your preferences. The battle resulted in a tie : between the harem pants and the pants cuffed, the choice is yours !