Fashion ethnic under the sun : the colours and patterns vibrant

It is already there : the new spring-summer collection has landed and decorate already-rays by patterns and colors that sparkle under the sun. More than ever, it makes you want to enjoy the beautiful days and enjoy the warmth that has been lacking during the winter. To help you avoid wasting time in the hubbub of new trends, it gives you the major lines of shades and prints that will enhance the spring season and summer.

Fashion ethnic under the sun : full of colors !

If there's one thing that leaves no place to doubts, it is that the summer promises to be pretty damn good coloured ! And this is certainly not the trend in ethnic who will be lagging behind.

Fashion ethnic under the sun : the attraction of the pastel

spring-summer collection BabaCheap

They are ready to take over your wardrobe for the summer : shades of pastel, the more in vogue than ever, are coming back in style for this season. It succumbs under the charm endearing of these bright colors, but extremely soft that we allow the " Total-Look " fresh, modern and refreshing. In the rank of the pastel, there will be the pink , especially pale and powdery, light blue, preferably, the green rather almond-shaped and rather oil, lilac, beige...

The flashy to the more extravagant !

We all know, summer is the season of flashy colors. More shrill, more audacious, more showy, the flashy has no desire to pass unnoticed. And it is precisely in this perspective that those who dare to stand out will turn to the flashy pink, orange and fuchsia. In the collection mode and ethnicity of BabaCheap, you'll be spoilt for choice. Why we turn to the flashy ? It is simple : there is no better way to bring out more your body is bronzed and gilded by the sun !

Fashion ethnic green

The green, this is not only the symbol of nature or of hope, it is also the colour of the mode of ethnic summer of 2020. We dressed from head to toe by inviting in the rays of blouses indian, of skirts ethnic, of flowered dresses and baggy pants.

Fashion ethnic under the sun : the grounds to spot !

In the mode of ethnic, we always play on our means to take out the emblematic motifs of summer and the new trends emerging.

Classic patterns of fashion ethnic under the sun

  • Impressions floral : the return to nature, the come-back to the sources, it is in this context that the mode of ethnic advocates the impressions of flowers. We covered the blossoming flower of a spring garden or the exotic charm of the wild flowers of the islands, the rendering remains the same : a seduction of feminine, a style original and look colorful.
  • The indian motifs : It is still and always the specialty of BabaCheap ! Because India is a multifaceted country, we always try to highlight the patterns specific to different communities.
  • Ethnic motifs : shapes that fit together, from the mandala to the aztec passing by the prints wax african, the culture of the soil takes hold of our shelves and energizes the original clothing expertly colored in our collection.

The reasons identified on the major podiums

Because we wish to evolve at the same pace as the designers who shape fashion spring-summer 2020, it is appropriate to have a moment to talk about the impressions that are emerging.

  • The polka dots : Large, small or medium, the pea continues and is maintained on the top of the podium with his side a little vintage. As one of the few safe values of the mode, it is a pattern that allows one to be thin or round, classic or original.
  • Animal motifs : It is the turn of the impressions zebra to shine this summer. Venturing sometimes even to the style of camouflage, zebras, wild appear to have inspired the creators for this season.

The details that score : the hook, the embroidery and the lace

In the same way as the colours and motifs that define the trend spring-summer, three details currently have the wind in their sails and have become the synonym of femininity : the hook, the embroidery (English or not) and the lace. Never late on trends, BabaCheap has not failed to furnish some of these ponchos and blouses of these details, ultra-feminine that will enhance delicately the fashion ethnic under the sun.