The summer holidays are current and that, under this burning sun, it is already thinking of the sea, the beach and the evenings. Even if the summer season brings some inconvenience, in particular because of episodes of extremely hot and dry that we are to submit to harsh tests, it is also the time when the mode ethnic flourishes to accompany your holiday at the seaside.

The styles and colors headlights fashion ethnic to the beach

This summer, we want the sun, not only in the sky a clear blue, but also in our walk-in closets. Most of the time, we will set aside our facet more classical for let it flourish soul, dreamy, adventurous, and bubbly, who slumbers in us.

Fashion ethnic to the beach : the style must-haves for the summer of 2019

No room for doubts : the beaches this summer will be an air of bohemian and romantic for the holidays. When these two minds are combined with the styles, gipsy and vintage, a beautiful collection of fashion ethnic nait.

• As could be expected, the mode of ethnic summer of 2019 will allow a little trip in the time up to the fervour 20 years where the dresses cut charleston were in vogue. It should be noted also the influence of the sixties and seventies where the hippy way-of-life was in full swing.
• With the style of gipsy, we note a joy of life, originality and the search of a unique comfort through the large cut and light clothes embellished with ruffles for a touch of air. Confirmed by its appearance as a bohemian, this style is a classic fashion ethnic summer.

What colors to wear to the beach this summer ?

Ethnic fashion at the beach: colorful and original trends

For this summer, tribute is paid to the nature and the environmental movement by choosing a colour with added vitamins : the green. The green and all its shades will be the color of the season, a good news for those who have a tanned skin.

Behind the green, we find the must-sees of the summer season : the red, the pink and the yellow mustard. As you might expect, the whole range of pastel will be there to warm and brighten even more the mode of ethnicity, which will be honored. Unlike the summer of 2018 where fans of fashion have turned to the trend for metallics, this year it returns to the tones and flashy, like the fuchsia, which is omnipresent this season.

Clothing ethnic that we bring to the beach

What we love with the fashion ethnic, it is that in itself, she exudes a spirit, moreover, a charm of its exotic, almost tropical, which is in fact a trend is well suited for holidays on the edge of the sea.

Compose an ethnic place at the beach : the main parts to identify

For your next trips to the beach, take easily a look ethnic with parts tend.

Dresses ethnic who invite themselves to the beach

The long dress floaty with a built in strapless or sleeveless is still the big star of the season. Colorful and with a printed tribal, exotic, or tropical of spring, she has this gift lengthen the silhouette, especially when it is equipped with the ruffles cascading.

For those who prefer the side girly short dresses, there are under all the forms in the collection of summer dresses of BabaCheap. The same ethnic grounds are picked up with taste and additional comfort, especially with the addition of a party smocked at the back or at the waist.

The tunic poncho ethnic, more beautiful than ever

At the beach, there is much talk of the sarong to wear over the bathing suit, but it does not focus enough on the tunic poncho. Usually designed with the thin fabric (cotton voile or polyester), it's a mixture of style, gipsy, ethnic and hippie chic. The tunic poncho has the advantage of touches of embroidery, colored, of fringes, edges, cut-out, slit or other details in order to form its original appearance.

Addressing both the needs of women prudes and those of a bold nature, the tunic poncho ethnic has a slight transparency that offers an accessible-inaccessible. Most of the time offered in a single size, it is a beach outfit par excellence, adapted to all the world.

Invite otherwise fashion ethnic to the beach

The dresses and tunic poncho aside, there are so many ways to wear fashion ethnic to the beach.

The other parts ethnic : tank top, t-shirt and top, these high-ethnic land on the beach with the colors and the patterns signatures of the trend. For the bottom, shorts and short skirt or long is waiting for you. Attention, the rule does not change : only wear a single garment is printed, unless you are an ace in the marriage of two reasons.
Ethnic accessories : bag, curtain, hat, sandals, necklace, spirit, ethnic has integrated well into the world of beach accessories. You can choose according to your preference !