A spring of very ethnic, this is how we will define the fashion trends that défrayeront the chronicles for this season. The colors, prints, lace, wood details, the embroideries, the cuts that reveal the femininity... we say goodbye with great pleasure to the codes imposed by the trend of winter. Without waiting, check out this summary of the must-haves of the fashion ethnic of the spring.

A spring which promises to be colorful and printed

Ethnic fashion of spring: the pieces to pick

With temperatures ranging from 8-10° C and 22° C, the outfit of the spring is not as obvious as one could imagine. Besides, we're still a few months of the summer, so attention to faults of style !

The colors of spring : The lawn regains its green, pink buttons that decorate the garden, the small delicate flowers that begin to blossom, it is these types of gentle exquisite that will dictate the color codes for this spring. You would have understood : this is not yet the time to put the flashy : you will remain on the shades of pastel, and why not a bit of pink, blue, red, green, turquoise, oil... It is even possible to wear black, but never a total look !

Prints to choose from : fashion ethnic of the spring, in terms of motifs, invite them to a trip exotic. Sometimes in the exoticism of the tropics, sometimes in the history of the native american people, now in the heart of Africa, the patterns are inspired by the authenticity of this culture and dare even a trip back in time. However, the print flagship of the fashion ethnic of the spring will remain of rigour : trends in flowering, always so romantic and bohemian at once.

Fashion ethnic spring : the parts to come

For the time being, we'll remain on the clothing of mid-season. And a small point of clarification : the fashion ethnic-spring is far to be the catch-all of original ideas that many are trying to convey. Quite the contrary, she revisits the classics of the dressing room, incorporating just the right amount of fingerprints ethnic and traditional.

The high trends in the fashion ethnic spring

T-shirt, tunic, blouse are the tops which were recommended in the mode of ethnic spring. How to choose not to make false notes ?

The t-shirt version mode the ethnic spring

In good basic for any season, the t-shirt version of spring will have at least short sleeves, while some will build on a model of¾. Already, we feel this predisposition to go towards the scorching sun of the summer and it is for this reason that the t-shirt's journey to the sea motives and of the sun, drawn in the manner of the peoples of the mayas and aztecs.

The blouse : a feminine, lightweight, and original

By browsing through our racks of blouses, you will discover that fashion ethnic of the spring does not necessarily to be printed. To tell the truth, the blouses will seek their original touch through a aspect embroidered which can sometimes draw tiles, finishing washed according to the treatment Stone Wash, a touch of lace or veil to provide the feminine side and romantic at heart !

The tunic, the ally inevitable in the spring

The tunic, version mode ethnic of the spring, will remain light and casual. Some models will leave on grounds of traditional and cultural drawn on a veil of fine cloth, almost transparent, but the time is still in the lining of the complete stay, on the theme of the mid-season.

What bottom to wear for the spring ?

The fateful question at the bottom : pants or skirt, if one wants to stand out without committing the odd ? Fashion ethnic of the spring, three suggestions are offered to you : baggy trousers, harem pants and skirt, midi or long.

Pants yes, but cuffed

Kingdom or in print, the trousers remain trousers ethnic par excellence. In the trend of spring, it is meant to be light and fluid ; moreover, it is for this reason that many are designed with viscose, cotton or polyester. If you're not afraid of originality, dare to cut Aladdin, very baba cool, but chic also. Otherwise, the form bouffante classic with the edges tightened, and elasticated cuffs to the ankles will become perfectly well in the theme mode ethnic spring.

The harem pants again and always

Goes hand in hand with the spring, the harem pants 3 in 1 colorful remains the best choice. It is original and gives you an air so relaxed. Depending on your needs, you can choose the simplicity of a harem kingdom or indulge in the charm of a model printed or patchwork.

The skirt to a midi or long

Floaty, chic, feminine, skirt, midi or long will fill the mode of ethnic spring with inspiration bohemian who juggles sometimes with the typical patterns of the indian culture, such as mandalas and saris.