And yes, the summer holidays are well and truly behind us ! Even if the sun will warm up even the atmosphere for a few weeks, the rush of the new school year has taken over. Fashion ethnic of the season, how is she ? Still more colors, a dose of originality and especially of the good humor that manifests itself through parts seyantes that attract the looks ! The bohemian trend remains to the taste of the day, just like the fashion, hippie chic, which is more pronounced than ever !

   Fashion ethnic of the season : the colors and materials

The mantra of the fashion ethnic of the season : spring colors and materials supported ! Exit the veils that we will keep for the return of the beautiful days, it is already necessary to prepare for the fall that is already on the horizon.

Fashion ethnic make-up of the new school year : contents king !

Ethnic fashion

Whatever the season, there are materials that persist and endure. For the comfort, no doubt, to the many possibilities of design that they offer, but the fact is that these materials are massively in fashion ethnic of the season.

    • Cotton : It is the turn of the seasons, it always seduces as much for its respect for the skin, its natural look which makes it more eco-friendly, breathable side of its mesh, which bans the excess of sweating and not to mention the fact that it is a charitable for the colors and the beautiful colorful prints !
    • Viscose : In the summer, it comes in crepe, in fashion ethnic of the new school year, she wants to be thicker to be more opaque, but it will remain in the theme of fluidity. Of natural origin, but a result of a industrial work, this is one of those materials that tear when one wishes to highlight the sensuality of women.
    • The jersey cotton and viscose : Version elasticated of the two materials earlier, the jersey charm for its flexibility ensured by the elastane. In addition, this ingredient has the gift to make the colors more stubborn and more resistant to washing.

Mode ethnic : materials synonymous with luxury

On a note more sought-after, fashion ethnic back-to venture into the material more thin as the linen that invites just as well in the ranges of trousers XXL oversize as well as in blouses bohemian long sleeve and sweaters ethnic mesh.

The velvet soft-touch and velvet ribbed cartonneront also for the fall and winter. They are already found in some parts of the fashion ethnic of the season. The result is sublime !

The leather is also part of the picture, but it will invite as inserts on of material fabric.

Fashion ethnic of the season : the color lights of the season !

The colors of the fall season anchor in a gentle transition to the cold season. It begins to peel off gradually color tape-to-eye, insisting on a proper dosage. Also, the beautiful spring colors will cover most of the entire pieces, they will be expertly placed on the parties to put in value. On a gown bohemian by example, they will be accommodated on the bust, on the hip or base only.

More discreet, the your kingdom reigns supreme. The bottle green oil, from yellow to red, from pale pink to bordeaux, there is still this desire to keep the sun as long as possible. The tones of persimmon, chocolate, beige, navy, black and grey are still valid as the essential fashion ethnic of the season.

The powerful pieces are recommended for a look ethnic managed to back to school !

    • The pants file off in the fashion ethnic of the beginning of the season. Do not hesitate the baggy pants, the harem pants, 3en1, pants, cup Aladdin, but for a question of dosage, remember to mark your top with a t-shirt, long-sleeved, close to the body and high well-bent.
    • The combination of the original impresses for its cut-outs novel that will flatter all silhouettes. Whether it is long or short, to choose according to the weather, the mode of ethnic autumn has coloured with a touch of graphic patterns, floral and tribal.
    • The dress bohemia long sleeves which imitate very closely the sweater dress hippie chic remains at the pinnacle of the trend. It is available for all tastes in the collection of BabaCheap and seduced by a rendering of the most invigorating !