How can I not be optimistic after all the trials that the year 2020 has placed on our paths ? A virus invisible that has radically changed our way of life and which has forced us to rethink our hierarchies of values, has held the world in suspense for months at a time. Borrow this phrase from Nietzsche, which became an adage urban taken over by international politicians, and then by singers of renown, to soak up the new year with positive vibes : " that which does not kill us makes us stronger " ! With this message of courage, the entire team BabaCheap, the specialist in fashionable ethnic in France, wish you a nice and wonderful year 2021 !

See the life in colours with BabaCheap and fashion ethnic !

ethnic clothing

For this new year, chase off the bad waves of the past year with beautiful colors and beautiful grounds pimpants and well toned. A regular in the associations original and prints are unprecedented, BabaCheap offers once again to let the good mood and the joy of living in a place in your wardrobe. What are the colors of the fashion ethnic for this year ?

The color trends this year

This year, fashion is ethnic looking clearly to break the codes, to set no limit, leave it up to the imagination in daring different combinations that are far from obvious. Yes, no conformism, no standard, fashion ethnic flirts with a trend that is shifted by mixing the look baba cool and girly.

The next summer : it shines !

The glitter, that is the key-word of the collection spring-summer 2021. More brilliant than ever, and the palette of trend colors of the fashion ethnic will go from gold to silver, passing through the metallic. We do not skimp on the sequins and the glitter. If you want more " sober ", you can opt for shades unitedbut with a game of transparency to reveal subtly the arms, the legs and the top of the bust. Pink, fuchsia, oil, blue, emerald, red, everything is good to brighten the complexion.

In the winter, and the bright colors

It is expected that red and green are a hit for fashion ethnic of the winter of 2021-2022. The predictions tend to use the cameo for this year where we will allow a total look very slap-to-the eye. We can already say that the tone of Christmas will be in the spotlight ! But the sweetness will also come with winter ! Also, it is not surprising to see white dresses clean, shades of purple, yellow and beige to impose himself on the first steps. The big surprise : the electric blue, introduced from the collection autumn-winter of 2020-2021 and always in vogue for the coming year.

Stay soft for mid-season

More conservative, and the collection of the mid-season is discreet at the level of the game of tones. This will be the opportunity to get out the unbeatable shade of pastel that plunges the mode ethnic in a nostalgic and rustic. The shades of mauve, taupe, sea green, green, mint, pink, powdery, icy blue, and yellow frosted will bring the sweetness, the brightness and freshness in your dressing room ethnic.

The grounds beatings of the heart of the fashion ethnic 2021

Fashion ethnic opens to the world, once again, and will mark a return to the sources. However, it will also be released the beaten path, dare to reasons yet undiscovered.

  • The variations on ethnic grounds : culture, moreover, a tribute to the ethnic groups that have been forgotten, a nod to the trend east, all these signatures are typical of the fashion of the ethnic will be more in vogue than ever this year. The impressions of indian, the reasons kashmir, the african prints, the tones, the aztecs, and aborigines will lend their energies to all the collections of clothes ethnic this year.
  • The flower patterns : Sometimes exotic, sometimes difficult, impressions floral will be in different shades. Of the ones that seem straight out of the painting of a painter stand out from those under the control of a spring garden and those who belong to a tropical setting, almost wild. These flowery patterns, of whatever nature, will bring a charm delicately feminine to your outfit.
  • Prints unexpected : Against all odds, the mode of ethnic ventures to the reasons unusual. The printed Arty, with a little taste pop and a rendered electrical, will be at the rendez-vous, especially in the summer. Almost avant-garde, it appears like a burst of graffiti to give a rendering undeniably original and dynamic.

A few details that will be visible in the fashion collections this year

Be it summer, winter or mid-season, there will be keys that différencieront fashion ethnic make-up of this year :

  • Contrast stitching : the edges of the pockets, the sleeves, the neckline and ruffles will be well marked by the piping or seams well visible.
  • Puffy sleeves: No, the short balls are not defunct, at least, they make a comeback this year.
  • The wide belt : once Again, you will let go of the nostalgia of the 50's daring new wide belts to wear with dresses, skirts, pants and even playsuits !

The required cutout : Very in vogue for the next summer, the tissue openings have become the mantras of the biggest names in fashion. At the beach or in the city, creations perforated, white in color preference, and will delight in the collection mode and ethnicity of BabaCheap.