Ethnic shorts, a nod to tropical culture

Ethnic clothes are not just clothes. Indeed, wearing a piece of ethnic clothing means that one has adopted a culture, a way of being, a philosophy of life... Through this type of outfit, one can clearly express our deep values as well as our personality. Ethnic dress style is also a timeless style that remains with the seasons and especially during the summer periods. Ethnic shorts are, for example, one of the outfits that you must absolutely have in your wardrobe, for the summer holidays.

Features of tropical culture through clothing

Tropical regions encompass various and many countries including Central and South America, central and part of southern Africa, Oceania, northern Australia and part of Indonesia. It is a vast place rich in culture and rich in its countless ethnicities. The Western world (Europe) admires this exotic image of tropical culture. It feels very good by the desire to adopt a lifestyle with a tropical accent favoring comfort, zen attitude and joie de vivre. Hence the great interest of Europeans, in recent years, for clothing reflecting this ethnic spirit.

The ethnic tropical style of clothing is characterized, first of all, by the refinement and softness of the fabrics used. These are noble and light fabrics such as cotton canvas, linen or cashmere. Then there are the intricate patterns, ornaments and prints that invite travel and escape. Finally, the captivating, colorful and varied colors that inevitably recall the different spices.

Ethnic shorts at Babacheap

Babacheap offers a wide range of ethnic shortss including models inspired by tropical culture. Authenticity and originality are at the rendezvous. There fluidity of the fabric used makes each piece pleasant to wear and the many variations offer satisfaction to all tastes.    

The different styles of ethnic shorts


From tropical prints to floral patterns, ethnic shorts are a must-have for the summer season. It can bring different styles and look according to its cut, shape and prints.

  • Bohemian ethnic shorts : to relax and be free in your movements, adopt the bohemian look with short, flowing, colorful ethnic shorts with floral patterns.
  • Hipster chic shorts : for a casual chic look, opt for elegant shorts that shape the hips without too much molding, with a warm and solid color, adorned with embroidery. With a feminine blouse, hippie-style shorts will make a perfect bottom for an evening outfit in the summer.
  • Ethnic shorts with a tropical spirit : a pair of shorts with cashmere prints will immerse you for sure in the tropical culture without forgetting an original look.
  • Ethnic beach shorts : the ethnic shorts are perfect to stay comfortable and keep a cool look beach under the burning summer sun.

And for those who are not too worn on shorts, the playsuit ethnic remains an equally choice trend, giving you the same comfort as shorts.

Ethnic shorts: a stylish and practical garment

If you like them sparkling colors, the striking patterns, the tropical inspired prints, then you will easily fall under the spell of ethnic shorts.

Stay trendy with ethnic shorts

Ethnic shorts are generally appreciated for their fluidity and its lightness thanks to its fabric and its slightly loose fit. Whether made of viscose cotton or polyester, the ethnic shorts are also armed with a unique rendering that instantly enhances an outfit. For this, it is advisable to wear a t-shirt, a blouse, or a tank top of solid color.

Practical clothing for summer

The shorts are a piece not to forget to enjoy the summer. And when it is ethnic style, it becomes an elegant and original garment that does not leave unnoticed the one who wears it.

It allows you to feel free, to show off your beautiful legs during a walk in the city, to carry out any activity such as walking, beach volleyball or simply to spend a beautiful relaxing day at home. All this while remaining feminine.  

The ethnic shorts are an easy to put on outfit and easily adjusts to each morphology. It is often equipped with an elastic belt or smocked waist, or a drawstring or tightening tape.

If you want to wear a comfortable garment while remaining trendy in warm weather, ethnic shorts will be your best ally. And when it comes from a careful manufacture, as is the case with Babacheap's ethnic clothing, it is a real safe bet.


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