No more size 0 diktat! Round women come out of the shadows and expose themselves on the front of the stage: this is the basis of the curvy revolution! At BabaCheap, we're talking about ethnic fashion in plus sizes, where morphologies are assumed, appearance is a source of pride and curves are sublime! How did an ethnic fashion specialist join the curvy movement? The answer in this article!

Curvy revolution: its little story!

Because not all women are cut like models, because size 0 is often utopian in everyday life, because women with generous shapes deserve to shine in the spotlight, the Curvy Revolution movement was born in 2009. Assuming one's body, assuming one's shape, recognizing one's values, having self-esteem, these are the concepts that animated the Miss Round contests that followed this movement!

Curvy revolution: ethnic clothing large size

curvy revolution

How does ethnic fashion participate at its level in the promotion of the curvy revolution that pays tribute to round women? The answer is simple: by proposing ethnic clothing that highlights the femininity of these real everyday women!

Curvy revolution: bohemian dresses in large sizes!

No way to rush into clothes that don't look like anything! BabaCheap has selected special bohemian dresses for round women to sublimate generous silhouettes. Wrap dresses to enhance the bust, wrap skirts to lengthen the legs, short straight dresses to refine the look, bohemian maxi dresses to slim down the silhouette... there is certainly no lack of choices!

The cut aside, BabaCheap wants to flatter the complexion by suggesting large floral dresses, dresses with graphic patterns to counterbalance the roundness, dresses with beautiful ethnic accents to sign originality, etc...

Curvy revolution: a collection of ethnic clothing in large sizes!

Apart from the chic hippie dresses, BabaCheap offers its customers a rich collection of round women's clothing:

  • XXL bohemian skirts: Vaporous and fluid, they seduce with their sparkling side and the effect of infinite length they create. With heeled sandals, they will sublimate a generous silhouette to pay homage to the curvy revolution.
  • Embroidered blouses large size: When femininity rhymes with roundness, BabaCheap selects tops decorated with English embroidery with a slightly flared shape to mark the waist. Stone wash finish for a beautiful gradation of colour, bending to highlight harmonious curves, ruffles on the sleeves for the fresh side, the variations are numerous!
  • Ethnic plus size tops: Whether they are close to the body like casual cotton t-shirts, or flowing like the loose bohemian blouses of the curvy revolution, BabaCheap's plus size tops are armed with a hippie chic style, an original look and a colourful rendering.

These are only examples, as our collection extends to chic trousers for round women, embroidered jackets and large size sweaters, 3in1 ethnic sarouels suitable for all morphologies, special summer clothing for curvy women, etc.

Curvy revolution: Morpho advice in ethnic mode

To accompany the customer experience of round women, the curvy revolution in ethnic fashion is also accompanied by morpho tutoring to enhance them.

Curvy revolution: a good choice of material to be sublime!

When BabaCheap offers bohemian clothes in large sizes, forget about fabrics that fit! We look for fluidity in viscose, cotton and polyester. And even though the trend is towards clothes close to the body, we are opting for jersey to avoid the tight side! For the spring-summer collection for plump women, viscose crepe reigns supreme and flatters the silhouette with its vaporous, soft to the touch and fitting side!

Curvy revolution: a choice of clothes too!

To assume its curves is to choose clothes that emphasize them and that transform these elements considered for too long as weak points into a unique advantage:

  • Curved dresses with a high waist or straight cut ;
  • Stylish tops with well-dosed patterns;
  • Skirts, shorts and high waist pants with a waistband to shape the hips;
  • Open jackets and coats, etc.

Curvy revolution: beyond ethnic fashion, a tribute to women

Towards the end of this article, we would like to remind you that the curvy revolution is much more than a simple fashion trend; it is a movement that tends to build an uncomplexed representation of curves. The curvy revolution helps women to take charge of their bodies and imposes more realism in the fashion world dominated by models in size 0. And of course, BabaCheap, recognizing that every woman is unique, participates at her level in the curvy revolution by offering rich selections of bohemian ethnic clothing for plump women.