The summer ! Beautiful, and long days, a sun that is never absent, a landscape that is alive with color, but a great hazard : extreme heat. In very hot weather, some gestures are required, but they are complete with the wearing of clothing special heat wave. It is not only to choose such or such type of outfit, it is mostly a matter of choosing the right materials and the right cut. Check out this guide offered by the editorial team of BabaCheap, the specialist clothing ethnic of any season !

Clothing special heat wave : the material to choose

Special heat-wave clothing

   You are not without knowing that the choice of material depends to a large part of the season. In very hot weather, it is strongly recommended to choose fabrics of natural origin, does not prevent that some of the variants of industrial can also be a beautiful alternative.

      Clothing special heatwave in cotton : the best choice !

   Whether you have sensitive skin or not, cotton is one of the finest natural materials are recommended, regardless of the season. So many designs of clothes ethnic rely on this material, this is good because it has fiber in character breathable. In other words, its meshes allow a good circulation of air to avoid a too-full of sweat and to keep you cool.

      Clothing special heat polyester

In the world of textiles, the polyester is what is called the synthetic cotton : same lightness, almost the same type of fiber, but with a more affordable price and a resistance more important. If the makers of sports betting a lot on this matter, it is well for these benefits. And in the mode of ethnic, polyester blend with cotton and elastane to combine freshness and comfort during the periods when the mercury starts to move up the thermometer.

Clothing special heat wave : the crepe viscose

   For the ultimate in comfort and coolness, opt for a garment ethnic designed with crepe viscose. As light as a veil, but with a good opacity ; as smooth as silk, but with a lower price, it is a fabric refreshing that has the same virtues as breathable as cotton. In fact, it should be understood that the viscose is a textile derived from plant cellulose, but processed during an industrial process. It thus combines the advantages of a natural material and a synthetic.

      Clothing special heat wave : what are the criteria ?

In addition to selecting the best materials for your garment ethnic designed especially for the heat wave, there should also be a focus on a few criteria.

  • Fluidity : It is important in times of intense heat to favour loose-fitting clothing, wide and fluid. BabaCheap offers many models of dresses bohemian special heat wave, generally designed with cotton or crepe viscose. Releasing you from the constraints of usual clothes close to the body, these dresses ethnic release you and you are comfortable with.
  • Colors : As you know, dark colors absorb and retain the sun's rays, while lighter tones reflect and return. In this sense, do you refer to the shades of pastel, the clothing ethnic colored and especially white dresses bohemian. In his new spring-summer collection, BabaCheap puts at your disposal a wide range of choice of dresses white casual to wear on a daily basis.
  • The shape : Because the heat wave is associated with strong solar radiation, it is highly advisable to choose outfits ethnic slight, with the best materials, but also covering. It is in this perspective that we suggest you our wide range of dresses bohemian maxi and long skirts with flowers and colorful. Choose a casual clothing covering them, is to limit the effects of the sun's rays on your skin, and reduce the risk of sunstroke.

The special recommendations for the heat wave :

   Taking care to choose the material, the shape and the color of your clothes special heatwave, it is also necessary to follow the safety rules recommended in case of strong heat, such as :

  • Hydrate properly to regulate body temperature, to compensate for the loss of water because of the heat and avoid dehydration ;
  • Stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid too much exposure to the sun ;
  • Nourish yourself in a balanced way to make the full of energy ;
  • Avoid sports too intense, especially in the open air.
  • Moisten your body regularly with a damp cloth ;

And wear clothing special heat wave by following the recommendations of BabaCheap, the specialist of the fashion ethnic !