Winter arrives with a lot of landscapes enchanted, atmosphere festive, and especially of cold duck that makes often a strain on our passion for the ethnic style ! How to have hot enough while keeping our style and stay feminine desire in spite of everything ? Focus on the clothing, ethnic hot and trends, a must for the season !

It is emmitoufle with warm clothing updated classics to ethnic !

Jacket, coat and sweater, this is the classic budweiser king of the cold season. "She consistently finds a way to renew themselves, these warm clothes combine perfectly with the ethnic style.

The jacket ethnic clothing hot and original

Convenient, takes up little space and especially light, the jacket is a hot piece that folds to the liking of your desires for the cold season.

warm and trendy ethnic clothing for winter 2019

Impressions floral, patterned rose - colored, patchwork of colours and prints, arabesque vintage, piping contrasting... a whole panoply of details brings the key original in the collection of jackets warm of BabaCheap. Two-time three movements, these details make all the difference and transforms a classic jacket - zipped or button closure – one-piece original and feminine as we like !

This season, we note the return of the long jackets open which will have the gift of lengthen your silhouette, especially if they are worn with high-heeled shoes ; a pair of boots for example.

Coats ethnic : nests comfy

In a period of great cold, the mixture t-shirt-sweater-jacket will no longer suffice ; it will have chimed in with a coat. And this is certainly no lack of choice at BabaCheap : you can choose models suited to your silhouette.

Ethnic motifs at the rendezvous !

It seems that we have really a lot of trouble to separate the colors and prints typical of the summer. Also, the reasons the aztecs, flowers, aborigines, mandalas, african and native indian will be part of the action to distinguish the coats of ethnic. The colors will, however, be more measured, as are the grounds that will share their pedestal with the embroidery and the patches.

Cuts to choose from for the coats

Unlike a sweater or a jacket, the jacket is chosen according to the morphology :

  • Woman, small and thin : coat cinched, short or three quarter
  • Woman round : straight-cut and close to the body. A model with a wide base will also value the generous curves.
  • Great woman and thin : while you will go, but dare volumes with frills, big buttons, shoulder pads, etc

The sweater ethnic : to wear under jackets and coats

Good basic winter, the sweater comes in several models, denoted generally by the shape of her neck :

  • The sweater with a round neck perfect for any occasion, classic and passe-partout
  • The turtleneck , which will be usually under a jacket, a coat or another warm room
  • The sweater with V-neckperfect for those who have a generous chest
  • The cardiganin the middle of a sweater and classic a jacket open mesh knitted


The poncho and the cape : the new entrants that score !

This season, capes and ponchos are back and they are more stylish than ever !

The cape : for a sober, but elegant

Before having an air of diva in a cape, he will need first to choose the suitable model for your silhouette.

  • Woman, small and thin : it avoids making a too-full of fabrics, and we are content with a short cape and floaty.
  • Woman round : the cloak will hide your curves ! However, go your way on the volumes and bet on a model whose length stops right underneath your buttocks.
  • Great woman and fine : as always, you can all you allow, but please avoid caps that are too short which does flatteront not your silhouette slender.

Poncho : the cornerstone of the fashion ethnic winter !

Far from the first drafts that were born in the Andes mountains, the poncho version winter 2019 wants to be stylish and original. The fringes and ethnic motives are still relevant, but it is in the general design that BabaCheap will play the modern side.

As the cape, the poncho is worn with any dress with winter, pants, skirt, harem pants, etc., As all the warm clothing ethnic, the poncho will be ideally with a pair of boots or waders.