Attribute beacon of the feminine, the chest a little too generous can sometimes be a source of much of the complex. However, it is enough to bypass a few traps to make this part of your anatomy is an asset of immeasurable, to the point of envious and admirers ! How to dress your breasts and diminish the effect too large ? We made the turn on the question in this article.

Chest generous : the importance of lingerie

By far, the tintamarres on the products that refine the chest or even the surgery that contours the anatomy, a generous chest and you will be give thanks to if you choose your lingerie.

And the bra does not choose in a hurry and in any store. Make sure you be taken in hand by a true professional to know precisely the right depth of the bonnet and your true chest circumference.

• If your choice is worn over a bra, the bra cups should cover your breasts without doing a push-up effect. Of course, this type of lingerie in particular will not be for you. Thus, choose one with a frame well is firm and opaque.
The bra can also be an alternative to be advisable, provided that it contours the chest and that it has wide straps to ensure good support.

In terms of clothing, how to sublimate a generous chest ?

The general rule that applies here is to try to look away from the chest. In this sense, it is a question of making the bust the more sober as possible in order to draw attention to something else.

Chest generous : the type of neckline recommended

Rule n°1 : all that cup the bust is to be avoided. It is for this reason that you will turtlenecks, collar studs and collars Claudine. By contrast, everything that is loose, yet not too revealing, will be the gift of you sublime.

Among the necklines, orient you to the high V neck that allongeront the bust. If you wear a shirt or a blouse buttoned, always remember to open a few buttons to get the same effect as a v-neck collar. moreover, a top with a square neck loose suit you just as much and it will avoid to compress your bust leaving breathing chest.

The other hand, it is strongly recommended that you turn to the ups and dresses cache-heart to dress up a generous chest. The heart crossed the front will value your strengths without falling into vulgarity.

The colors that conceal a generous chest

Any follower of fashion will confirm, there are colors and patterns that tend to thicken the silhouette. What should we make concessions when you have a generous chest ?

Yes or no to print ?

Generous breasts: tips and tricks to flatter her with ethnic clothing

Nobody will ask you to renounce completely to the printed ; with the trend of ethnic blooming for the spring and summer, it is a luxury which we will not deprive. However, always try to keep a color monochrome on the bust and at the maximum, opt for the darker tones.

What should we avoid ?

In the same logic, you will avoid the mesh fabrics light which stick to the underwire of the bra ; leaving to discover your shape and generous. We will be moving away at the same time the fabric stretch , which has this habit of shooting everywhere !

Fortunately, BabaCheap account in its spring-summer collection of tops and dresses with a bust kingdom, and a core print. In this way, you will stay in the middle of the trend is ethnic , while keeping a graceful look.

How to dress when you have a generous chest ?

Some types of clothing are preferred more than the other when it has a generous chest. Among them, we have the high or the dress cache-cœur, especially if it is designed according to a cutting portfolio. In addition to being super trendy, this type of dress flatters at the highest point a strong chest. The belted dress with a open buttoned on the front is also to count among your preferences, it's like the dress kimono that fashion fans will arracheront this season.

In addition, there are a technique of diverting the look of your bust by using a little intelligence.

• Wear earrings ethnic, very original, and the look of your questioner will default to this location a few inches above your bust.
• Avoid thin straps that create the effect of a chest-weight. The wide straps or short sleeves will work around the problem.
Try to focus on the details : the printed matter on the basis of a piece of clothing, zippers or buttons on the shoulders, the opening drop of water on the back... in Short, everything that can be more razzle-dazzle than a generous chest.