In BabaCheap, first, there is the word " baba ". Much more than a dress style, hippie or babos refers to a way of life, a way of thinking inspired by the hippies of the sixties and seventies. But to understand this concept, we invite you to go back to the source. Where does the appellation baba cool , and that is what this implies ? The answer in this article proposed by the drafting BabaCheap.

The history behind the word baba cool

Etymologically, this name falls under words hindi baba , and of the English term cool. These words mean respectively " dad " and " calm, no-worries ". But why the term has then been assigned to a group of individuals well-defined ?

Baba cool is a label born out of the hippie movement

Jimi Hendrix, festival Woodstock, these names refer immediately to the United States of the 60s, where the youth end of the baby boom of the post-war period claimed to be associated with the right to detach themselves from the dictates of society.

The movement of the hippies is far from unanimous. Assimilated to the excessive consumption of drugs, or a lack of hygiene by its critics, the movement left, however, good beliefs that are still in force today.

The hipster up to baba cool

The story behind the word baba cool

It is first necessary to understand that the appellation " hippie " was originally a pejorative word and was not used by the followers of the movement.

Peace and Love. The american youth of the 60's and 70's intended to emancipate the standards established by the company ; that is why it has designated their motion as a current counter-culture. Live freely, detach from the consumer society, to act without worrying about the rules, commune with nature, be open to other cultures and promote a culture of artistic psychedelic ; these are the guidelines of the movement.

In this sense, these followers described at the beginning as hipsters in reference to the term "hype "which means" relaxed, connected and on the move ". Other names are born by the following : diggers, flower children and beautiful people.

After having reached its peak in 1969 with the festival Woodstock, the movement has experienced a decline following a catastrophic a concert of the Rolling Stone in San Francisco. At the same time, many celebrities from the heavy liabilities criminals were "hippies" and were destroying the positive image of the movement that was losing the attention in the media and its popularity. It is precisely to mark the difference with these so-called hippies that the word hippie has been adopted as a synonym for determine of individuals choosing a way of life non-violent.

Make love not war : Make love not war

The first generation of the movement, baba cool has lived in a post-war context and at a time where the Vietnam war was raging. As advocates of non-violence, they have made this slogan, an emblem of the struggle for the pacification, settlement of conflicts in a nonviolent manner ; a slogan that will be later taken up by famous singers such as John Lenon and Mind Games.

In the same vein, the first babas cool launched the movement of "Flower power" to counter the violence and oppose the war. Advocate for the power of flowers instead of setting before the power of weapons, this ground was put forward at the Summer of Love of 1967 that was held in San Francisco ; and where the organizers called the hippies to put flowers in the hair.

Be baba cool, that is what it means in the Twenty-first century ?

Despite the various perversions of the appellation baba cool, this word remains the synonym of a state of mind that condemns violence and promotes peace. But the best way to recognize a hippie in our day it is especially in the clothing !

A look baba cool authentic, it gives what ?

It is difficult to identify exactly the look baba cool, nevertheless, some criteria can be used to enforce the label baba cool to an outfit.

  • Dress with loose clothing: that one is clear, the oversize is not baba cool ! You need a signature hippie to be recognized as such. In this concept, there is this search for freedom, the desire to be comfortable in what we wear, this ability to free themselves of the rules of fashion and daring colors and shapes that appeal.
  • Favour natural materials: the movement, baba cool looking for a communion with nature, and in the same logic the need for conservation. Flowers in the hair, clothes woven with natural materials, and wood accessories ; this is a model-type look of a hippie.
  • Wear the clothes-types: harem pants and poncho are the spearheads of the mode baba cool.


And look hippie chic ?

The look baba cool has been able to impose itself outside the circle of the followers of the movement, and have convinced those who share the same vision of the world while wishing to remain in the era of time. From there is born the style hippie chic, a more refined version, more careful look baba cool original ; a look that also borrows a touch bohemian, natural, and ethnic also.

What's cool baba style?